Ana Paintball

Ana only, one-shot one-kill FFA: my version keeps the core principle of the classic Ana Paintball mode and enhances it with the Workshop!
Formerly called "Enhanced Ana Paintball", it was the first Workshop version of this community-favorite mode and has evolved a lot since April 2019, without becoming too flashy or too complex. If you enjoy classic Ana Paintball, you will love my Enhanced version!


Click on the banner to join the server! If you want to speak to me, to other Ana Paintball enjoyers, give me feedback, post sick clips... We will be waiting for you!

9 customized maps to navigate with jump pads, teleporters, and more!
No hardscope restrictions, play Ana the way you like it!
Endorsement system to congratulate others on their performance!
Personal stats tracker that display your accuracies and other things!
Sleep Darts don't kill - a fresh take on Ana Paintball! Finish your targets!
Punch sleeping players to demote them if their score is above yours!
Earn the final point by landing a Sleep Dart! Hard, stressful, but fun!
A Dynamic Win Cam captures the winning Sleep Dart for epic endings!


Melee attacks only kill sleeping players, a technique called Sleep-Punching!
It also refills your ammo, a great way to capitalize on humiliation!
Sleep-Punching a player with a better score will make them lose 1 point, which is called Demoting!

At 24/25 kills, you nanoboost yourself! Other players will hear you coming!
Nanoboost disables your rifle and reduces your sleep dart cooldown!
To win the game, land a Sleep Dart while Nanoboosted!

Killstreaks, Shutdowns and Demotions are announced to everyone!

Performing some actions will get you mini-achievements called medals like in Call of Duty games! I might make a score system in the future so you can get bonus points for earning medals and try to get the best score you can in each game!

Medals list

Name Requirement
First Blood Earn the first kill of the match
Comeback Earn a kill after dying 3+ times in a row
On Fire Kill 5 players without dying
Rampage Kill 10 players without dying
Godlike Kill 15 players without dying
Shutdown Kill a player who had a killstreak medal
Quadfeed Get 4 uninterrupted entries in the killfeed
Buzzkill Kill a player 1 kill away from earning a killstreak medal
Longshot Hit a player from 40+ meters away
Nanopunch Earn the Nanoboost with a Sleep-Punch kill
Perfect quickscope Kill a player with a quickscope that lasted exactly 1 frame
Killjoy Demote a Nanoboosted player
Environment kill Earn a kill by sleeping a player who fell off the map


Why don't Sleep Darts kill?

I believe it should be the standard setting in all Ana Paintball - I swear, the more you play without Sleep Dart kills, the more you will be convinced THIS is how Ana Paintball should be played!!

  • The "Dart Kill" rule can only be attributed to pre-workshop limitations where damage from all sources would kill you, including the Dart's 5 damage. Now that we have workarounds, it is obsolete;
  • Having sleep enabled allows for new situations and refreshing gameplay mechanics unique to my mode such as demoting!
Why no infinite ammo?

I believe ammo management is a strong point in my version!

  • You get used to the 15 rounds you have in actual matches rather than teaching your brain that Ana has infinite ammo;
  • Sleep-punching refills your ammo instantly, a mechanic that adds more depth to the streamlined Ana Paintball gameplay;
  • Realistically, dying specifically because you had to reload should never happens, especially not with the Sleep-Punch mechanics, so there is really no downside to it!
Why "paintball"?

Real-life paintball has a one hit and you're out rule, hence the term paintball used in Overwatch game modes: it means one-shot, one kill!

Who is Jinko?

It's-a-me, Jinko! I did not create Ana Paintball, just this workshop version. It used the be called Enhanced Ana Paintball, but I changed the name to "Ana Paintball by Jinko" to better brand my mode and make it stand out.


If you have feedback about Enhanced Ana Paintball, please contact me or leave a comment on this page!
You could also add my mode to your favorites at the top of this page, and in-game as well. It would mean a lot!


Zezombye & Provoxin for the dozens of hours they spent helping me, sometimes even coding features that were directly added to the mode when I did not have the skills to do it myself. They helped me the most, allowing my version of Ana Paintball to become what I had always dreamed it to be since 2019. I think we did a pretty good job! Who would have thought?
Mitsiee, PharingWell, CactusPuppy, Netux, Aeromancer & the EloHell Discord regulars in general who offer me their help almost daily, no matter how stupid and basic the question, no matter how big the task. It is not only helpful but also extremely motivating, like anything is actually possible no matter your programing skills!
KevlaR, who helped me so much with Ana Paintball back in the good old Workshop days when I actually had 0 programing knowledge. We made Last Man Bouncing together and I cherish those memories!

Players | 1 - 8
Heroes: Ana
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.5.11



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