Enhanced Ana Paintball

Classic Ana Paintball, enhanced

My mode was the first Workshop version of Ana Paintball and it has evolved a lot since that Reddit post!
I aim to keep the core spirit of the original mode while enhancing it with the Workshop, without making it too flashy or too complicated. Free for all, one-shot one-kill, 25 points to win. If you enjoy regular Ana Paintball, you will love the Enhanced version!

Rules & features

7 customized maps with jump pads and teleporters to move around!
Killstreaks and shutdowns are tracked and announced!
5 kills in a row to be on fire; 10 kills in a row is a Rampage!
At 24 kills, your Rifle gets disabled and you nanoboost yourself as a signal!
The final kill can only be secured with a Sleep Dart!
The Dynamic Win Cam shows the winning Sleep Dart trajectory at the end of each match!

...and more!
Sleep Dart does not kill Melee only kills sleeping players, which gives you Max Ammo No infinite ammo No hardscope restriction Intuitive effects & messages to notify you of important events while leaving you focused No overly distractive HUD, messages or effects A lot of care, love and daily polish!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why "enhanced"?

My mode was the first workshop version of Ana Paintball so I named it Enhanced Ana Paintball, it is that simple! Nowadays it does not look as flashy or advanced as other modes anymore, but it is still an Enhanced version of the original one!

Why does Sleep Dart not kill?

This was initially due to a bug and I hated it! But now I think it should be the standard in Ana Paintball - hear me out:

  1. The Sleep Dart's hitbox is much bigger than the Rifle shots' and I don't see a good reason for it to kill aside from pre-workshop technical limitations. Now that we have workarounds I think Sleep Dart kills are obsolete!
  2. It allows for deeper mechanics such as having your ammo refilled by using melee on a sleeping player!
  3. It allows for fun and unique situations that you never see in other versions of the mode, making mine that much more unique!

I swear, the more you play without Sleep Dart kills, the more you will be convinced THIS is how Ana Paintball should be!

Why no infinite ammo?

I believe ammo management is a plus in Enhanced Ana Paintball!

  1. It gets you used to the 15 rounds you have in actual matches rather than teaching your brain that Ana has infinite ammo.
  2. Sleep-punching refills your ammo instantly, so there is always that!
  • This video is from 2019 and some aspects of it are outdated.


If you have any feedback for Enhanced Ana Paintball, please contact me or leave a comment here! This mode is my favorite thing about Overwatch and I really wish for my version to be enjoyed by other Ana Paintball players!
If you just want to thank me for the mode, click the ❤ button at the top of the page!

Special thanks

Zezombye Provoxin mitsiee KevlaR EloHell Discord

Players | 1 - 9
Heroes: Ana
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.3.4



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