Have fun, train your aim!

Ana only, one-shot one-kill, free-for-all: my version maintains the core principle of the classic Ana Paintball mode and enhances it with the Workshop! Formerly known as 'Enhanced Ana Paintball', it was the first Workshop version of this community-favorite mode. If you want to have fun while improving your aim and mechanics in order to be better at Overwatch and other FPS games, Ana Paintball is the right place to go! Learn to quickscope, work on your positionning and map knowledge while messing around with other players, demoting and honoring each-other!

main features

Over 10 enhanced maps, some featuring jump pads, teleporters and more!
A Custom Spawn System so respawning feel good and more fair!
A unique Honor System to congratulate others on their performance!
Stats Trackers that display your accuracies and the top performing players to name a few!
Non-lethal Sleep Darts, an improvement of the classic rules that unlocks deeper gameplay!
Hitting a Sleep Dart is required for the last point, a fun challenge every time!
The Dynamic Win Cam captures the final hit for epic endings!

tips & tricks

There is no scope timer or hardscope restriction, play the way you want!
Scoped shots pierce through players, allowing for Collaterals Kills!
Killstreaks, Shutdowns, and Demotions are announced to everyone! Your performance won't go unnoticed!

Melee attacks kill sleeping players, a technique known as Executions! It will also refill your ammo, making sleeping players ammo bags begging to be punched!
Executing players with a score above yours makes them lose 1 point, which is called a Demotion!
Sleeping players' outline color changes to green if you can demote them!

When 1 point from winning, you nanoboost yourself! Other players will hear you coming!
Nanoboost disables your rifle & melee but it also reduces your sleep dart cooldown! To win the game, hit a player with a Sleep Dart!
It is also possible to win by getting a 15+ kills streak and calling the Nano-nuke, which plays an epic cinematic and kills every player!

Performing some actions will grant you medals, similar to Call of Duty games! Here is the full list:

Medals list

Name Requirement
First Blood Earn the first kill of the game
First Sleep Land the first Sleep Dart of the game
Execution Kill a sleeping player with a melee attack
Demotion Execute a player whose score is above yours
Comeback Earn a kill after dying 3+ times without killing anyone
Last Bullet Kill a player with your rifle's last bullet
On Fire Kill 5 players without dying
Rampage Kill 10 players without dying
Nuclear Kill 15 players without dying
Buzzkill Kill a player 1 kill away from earning a killstreak medal
Countermeasure Kill a player 1 kill away from earning a Nuclear killstreak
Shutdown Kill a player who had a killstreak medal
Catastophe Kill a Nuclear player
Quadfeed Rapidly get 4 uninterrupted entries in the killfeed
Collateral Kills Kill multiple players with a single scoped shot
From the Grave Kill a player while dead
Longshot Kill a player from 40+ meters away
Sleep Sniper Put a player to sleep from 40+ meters away
Showstopper Demote a nanoboosted player
Nanopunch Reach the nanoboost score with a melee attack
Deadeye Get 10 longshots in one game
No Scope Needed Get 10 unscoped kills in one game
Perfect Quickscope Kill a player with a 1 tick long quickscope
Environment Kill Let a player you put to sleep fall off the map
Sandman Put 3 awake players to sleep without dying
Punch Drunk Execute 3 players without dying
Dreamcatcher Execute a player while you are both airborne
Mutual Sleep Both you and a player sleep each other at the same time
Jolly Jumper Jump 200 times in one game

discord, tiktok, github

• The Discord server is a place to chat about the mode, give feedback, post your best clips, and report bugs!
• The TikTok account is worth following if you want to watch Ana Paintball clips & short edits as well as Ana content in general!
• The GitHub repository is for nerds who want to look under the hood!


Why don't Sleep Darts kill?

Aside from Ana Paintball veterans, this choice does not really bother anyone. And if you are one of those veteras, I swear the more you play without Sleep Dart kills, the more you will be convinced THIS is how Ana Paintball should be played!!

  • The "Dart Kill" rule can only be attributed to pre-workshop limitations where damage from all sources would kill you, including the Dart's 5 damage. Now that we have workarounds, it is obsolete;
  • Disabling Sleep Dart kills allows for so many new situations as well as new, refreshing gameplay mechanics unique to my mode such as demoting!
Why no infinite ammo?

I believe ammo management is a strong point in my version!

  • You get used to the 15 rounds you have in actual matches rather than teaching your brain that Ana has infinite ammo;
  • Executions refill your ammo instantly, a mechanic that adds more depth to the streamlined Ana Paintball gameplay;
  • Realistically, dying specifically because you had to reload should never happens, especially not with the max ammo mechanic, so there is really no downside to it!
Why "paintball" if there is no paint?

Real-life paintball has a one hit and you're out rule, hence the term paintball used in Overwatch game modes: it means one-shot, one kill!

Who is Jinko?

I am Jinko! Though I did not create Ana Paintball, I made the first workshop version of it. It used to be called Enhanced Ana Paintball, but I changed the name to associate it to my online character and make it easy to remember.

Why so many maps?

Not only do I find it too repetitive and boring to play on the same map constantly, I also really enjoy discovering new maps and learning their many quirks and secret spots as I play. This has made my map knowledge so good, and is a very useful skill in competitive. You will know all the shortcuts, hiding spots and insane angles by heart, without having to learn anything: just play Ana Paintball!
And if you enjoy playing Chateau Guillard 24/7, do open a lobby yourself and enable only that map!

How do I import a custom game code?

Video tutorial: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZGJXuwmAX/
From the main menu:

PLEASE DO NOT SAVE ANY GAME MODE'S PRESETS! By doing so, you will be stuck playing the same version every time you use the preset even though many updates were made to the mode! Instead, import the code every time, or add it to your favorites from the recents tab, then create lobbies from the favorites tab!

support me!

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

I estimate to have spent over 300 hours developing this mode since I released the first version in 2019. It is a passion project and I have never worked on it expecting anything more than fun lobbies in return, but I will gladly accept your money if you really want me to have it! You could also add my mode to your favorites at the top of this page, it would mean a lot!

special thanks

Zezombye, Provoxin & PharingWell for the dozens of hours they spent helping me, sometimes even coding features that were directly added to the mode when I did not have the skills to do it myself. They helped me the most, allowing my version of Ana Paintball to become what I had always dreamed it to be since 2019. I think we did a pretty good job! Who would have thought?
Zingy & Paladins for helping me code one of the most important features of the mode: the respawn system. I am forever grateful to you both!
NotanOtaku for making the Nuclear killstreak insanely cool with a great cinematic idea and a trick to have siren sounds from Baston's ult. It's one of the coolest things in my mode!
Mitsiee, CactusPuppy, Netux, Aeromancer, Jar of Gibbons & the Worskhop.codes discord server members in general who offer their help daily, no matter how stupid and basic the questions, no matter how big the task. It is not only helpful but also extremely motivating, like anything is actually possible no matter your programming skills! If you want to make something in the Workshop, even if you have 0 Workshop or code knowledge, join this server right now!
KevlaR, who helped me so much with Ana Paintball back in the good old Workshop days when I actually had 0 programming knowledge. We made Last Man Bouncing together and I cherish those memories!

Players | 1 - 8
Heroes: Ana
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 4.4.1

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