Mercy Faster Resurrect + Insta-Rez Mayhem Elimination Game Mode

Mercy's cast time is 1.75 seconds. I have manually and painstakingly recreated the entire ability so I could Cancel Primary Action and force the ability to come out anywhere from 1.74 seconds to instantaneously. This is meant to be a code snippet you can take and implement however you'd like. I've included comments to explain most rules. Cast time and cooldown are editable as Workshop Settings, but since the Workshop is currently unavailable, you can edit the code snippet and paste that in.

Recreation includes:

  • Player is invulnerable (Phased Out) for 2.25 seconds after Rez goes off
  • Player is also stuck in place (Rooted) for 1.5 seconds
  • Player cannot use abilities or weapons (Disallow Button) while invincible. This Disallow Button method used to cause input buffering issues (ie holding a button down while you wait for your invincibility to end and abilities to come online would never activate the ability) but now buffering inputs works (I had to manually Start Forcing Button for every button the player was buffering)
  • Ammo is reloaded, even for heroes that cannot have their ammo set directly (they are forced to reload their weapon manually lol)
  • 3rd person camera + zoom into first person transition during the first 1.5 seconds
  • Player is colored yellow upon resurrecting (achieved using Create Effect with the Ring type)
  • General explosion effect when the player is resurrected (Play Effect, Good Explosion and Create Effect, Bad Aura)
  • Orange coloration for enemy Resurrect
  • Really ugly but 100% functional kill feed using Hud Text even though the actual ability never goes off

The optional game mode that comes along with it is 3v3 Elimination where one player on each team gets randomly selected as the Mercy player for that round. Mercy's rez is on no cd and has no cast time. Time to finally learn how to focus Mercy >:)

Warning: gamemode not tested yet, and it may honestly break down crying due to server load
You can disable visual effects by editing workshop settings/global variables if that is necessary.

Players | 1 - 6
Heroes: All
Maps: Ilios, Lijiang Tower, Nepal, Oasis, Black Forest, and 4 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1



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