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“Humans are a virus that needs to be eradicated” -Anpu.
Helix Security International 5 years ago shut down the “god program”, Anubis. Ever since then they have been under orders to guard the facility, with only few knowing the true reason. What they didn’t know was that Anubis himself was the source of the Omnic crisis, and on that day, they didn’t shut it down.
As a “god program”, Anubis was built to control and influence omnics as well as remove viruses from the system. Overtime its outreach became so big that each branch started evolving and changing to the omnics around it. When those branches met, Anubis couldn’t recognize itself. It started attacking itself, damaging its own code. Anubis became paranoid and after controlling nearly every omnic in existence, evaluated human’s as a virus that it needed to eradicate. After years of what would be considered as the omnic crisis, Overwatch made a “god program” of their own, Athena. Overwatch proceeded to systematically fight back Anubis till all that was left of him was inside the Temple of Anubis.
When Helix infiltrated Anubis, they destroyed all that they could find. What they didn’t realize was that Anubis, while weak, could lay dormant for years inside anything that could conduct electricity. They haven’t been protecting the temple, they have been guarding a prison. The agents didn’t know, till today when Anubis escaped.
Pharah was recently brought to the Giza plateau to assist a detective, lieutenant Kamuzu (an omnic), in investigating the recent missing omnics at the Temple of Anubis site. During their investigation the lieutenant himself disappeared in front of Pharah’s eyes, pulled into the darkness by purple glowing wires and tubes.
The lieutenant disappears into the darkness, his voice fading to silence. A concerned Pharah turns on a flashlight and points it into the shadows. The temple shutters as she is knocked off her feet by a loud pressure wave coming from the shadows. As she stammers to her feet, she notices a faint purple glow off of the floating dust around her. A coarse voice emerges from the shadows, “My son…. Your corruption has been cleansed….cough. The world is sick, I will finish it myself”. At that moment the pyramid pulsed purple and lit up, revealing a metal figure adjusting as if it was still being built. As Pharah readies her gun the figure launches an orb at her and knocks her into the wall knocking her out.

Character bio:

Anpu: the Omnic housing the “god program”, Anubis is an insane genius bent on the quest to rid the world of viruses (including humans). Helix thought they had shut him down, what they didn’t know is that Anubis can survive in anything. For 5 years Anubis has been taking and scavenging enough parts to forge a body to contain himself. What looks like a clean advanced housing is a crude structure held together by the sheer power of Anubis himself. After years dormant he has awakened to finish his task, he started 50 years prior.


Hero Selection:
Hold interact in spawn until "Zarya off" or "Zarya on" to toggle between Anpu and Zarya.

HUD display:
Top left “Damage” shows your charge on your Rail Gun and the damage you will deal when used. Top right shows the cooldown progress of ability 1 and 2. Top Middle shows ultimate charge. Messages will appear about ultimate status underneath reticle.



Rail Gun:

Primary fire (M1), charge by holding and release primary fire to deal massive damage to your enemy. Don’t hold for too long or your gun may overheat.


Ability 1 (Shift), launch yourself high into the air while hovering. After a while Use ability again while hovering to slam into the ground dealing massive damage and knocking away enemies. UI shows where you will land when you slam (look around to choose where you slam).

Repulse Orb:

Ability 2 (E), hurl an orb that sticks to objects / targets. Use secondary fire (M2) at anytime to damage and knockback enemies around orb. If near to your own “Repulse Orb” when using secondary fire (M2) launches yourself in your desired direction.

Ra’s wrath:

Ultimate (Q), release the power of Anubis. Resurrect yourself (if dead) and heal yourself shortly after. Supercharges Rail Gun with a single massive shot that lasts for 6 seconds.

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