30-SOUL Hero (Dominate your friends! Take their souls!) (2-8 Players)

30-SOUL Hero (Version 2.4)

Created by Eraeo

Collect Souls, Skills, and Potions to become an unstoppable force and reach your inner hero! Compete against your friends and enemies in a FFA power-struggle to the top! Will you become the dominant force, able to overpower your adversaries through strategy, skill, and raw power, or will you sink to the bottom, desperately clinging onto the hope of victory by alligning yourself with others to take down the top player? Only you can decide.

Have fun!

30-SOUL Hero also has loads of Workshop Settings to explore and customize to your liking! You can make all sorts of fun variations on the 30-SOUL Hero concept with them and I'm always adding more. Enjoy! -Eraeo

So many Skills... (And interesting ways to combine them!)

Here are a few of the Skills which are availible to all Overwatch heroes in TSH:

Causes you to teleport to players when you end them! This saves on travel time and allows you to get into some places you may not otherwise be able to!

Applies DOT to enemies when you damage them to low health. They take the DOT until they are able to damage another player (or die trying)!

Melee another player to steal a point! However, be quick! If you're caught while escaping, you'll be forced to return it!

Not a fan of fighting? This Skill allows you to buff other players (and gain upgrade points for yourself while doing so)! Great for battle-forged teams.

Brigitte mains rejoice! Melee attacks now deal bonus damage based on the missing health of the victim! Truly God has abandoned this Workshop mode...

There are many, many more Skills in 30-SOUL Hero! (22 more, to be exact.) You can combine them in any way that you like, and that's not to mention the methods of combining them with Soul Upgrades or the unique effects of Potions (of which there are currently 9). VESSEL has tons of variability and silliness!

So, please,
Grab your friends and show them who the real hero is!

If you have any screenshots or videos (Of TSH)

If you decide to try 30-SOUL Hero out and happen to capture any interesting moments, feel free to send them to me so that I can include them on this page. I am not a YouTuber or streamer and I don't get a lot of free time to look out for these sorts of moments myself, but screenshots and/or videos are one of the most fun ways to convey information in this format, so any help is very appreciated.

If you have any screenshots or videos of TSH that you would like to share, please feel free to @ me on Twitter (@bokeraeo) with your moments so that I can add them to this page!

Thank you tremendously for any help!


Wiki and credits: (Hi, mom!)

30-SOUL Hero Community and Wiki Server Link: https://discord.gg/mGrwWgkPaV (FYI, the wiki is currently mega unfinished because it's extremely difficult to work on... updates to come over time.)

VESSEL (original concept) workshop code: 84MXX

30-SOUL Hero was created by Eraeo#11614 with special thanks for early testing and commentary help from Nether, RockstarKP, and LightningStar as well as early 2.0 testing and commentary help from Surofy, Arius, November, and LuckyGhost.

I have spent over 500 hours on this little Overwatch Workshop thing. Stop reading the description and go enjoy it! I made this for you!

Players | 2 - 8
Heroes: D.va, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Sigma, and 27 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 2.4 Final Patch 7


(While Soulless) (Hold) Access Upgrades
(Hold) View other players' builds
(While Soulless) (Hold) Access Upgrades
(Hold) View other players' builds
(While Soulless) (Hold) Access Upgrades
(Hold) View other players' builds
(While Soulless) (Hold) Access Upgrades
(Hold) View other players' builds
(While Soulless) (Hold) Access Upgrades
(Hold) View other players' builds



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