Evolution - kill to level up


****Description: In this mod you fight to get xp and lvls and become stronger.
1)Random hero every 10 lvls.
2)At every 5&10 lvl you can take Upgrade or Bonus(perk).
3)Max lvl is 100.(any host can change it in settings)
4)Every damage or kill give you xp, also getting damage give you xp.
5)At max lvl you can chane hero: hold F with full hp or rebirth press F (in circle).
6)Once every 10 lvl you can change your hero to another random hero: Hold F(Interact) 2 second.
7)if you stuck you can hold Ctrl+Space/crouch+jump to kill yourself also it's fix many popular bugs.
8)Host of lobby can turn on/off some things by entering special code, instruction of this in first rule.
11)Special Settings for host with instruction so everyone can edit settings of mode.
12)If you find any bug or want offer some idea i'd happy to listen :)
V20200924, 10 maps support, Created by Klinok#2203, https://discord.gg/Qd57sFy


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xp is over the limit contact klinok so hi here i am

klinok creator

you played old version :) but thanks

Update Log (6)


Version 20200924:
-add more HostSettings
-add function lose xp and lvls if xp drop under zero, turn on-off this and setting this function in new HostSettings.
-add sounds by taking upgrades, also now you don't teleport after choose upgrade so you need go to exit circle.
-add option teleport to base upgrades if you have points hold ULT for upgrade or Ability2 for bonus upgrade work only if you have point.
-now you don't lose point if you didn't take upgrade and can return to base to spend it after.

  • i decided to stop give encrypted version so now every one can see a code and read him(if you know something about scripts) but still have comfortable hostsettings for regular players that want host. please don't remove who is a creator of this mode or link to this discord.

Version 20200906:
-rebalanced xp, now it's again depends on damage but also balanced that it harder to get higher lvls and you also get small count of xp by getting damage.
-add 2 MAPS!!!
Havana and Eichenwalde normal version and halloween.
-some change in standard settings now game will end when player get 2 rebirth and max lvl (300 lvl), any host can change it.

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