Orisa Herder (prob broken as hell)


its an orisa herder

a space cowboy/girl has to herd and wrangle his orisas away from aliens trying to pick up some steel steak

controls: mccree/ashe team 1: press shift to wrangle an orisa (applies an impulse towards the mccree on the orisa)(30 or was it 20 m range idk)

ana team 2: press f to return to and drop from ship (you can return to ship at any time if you are not carrying a bot, if you are, you have to return to a drop zone(where an ana dropped from to return))
crouch near a sleeping orisa to carry it, if it wakes up it will escape

hammond team 2: hold lmb to abduct so long as the bar is blue (if you hold lmb, itll continue to abduct, but you cant start abducting when its red), hold shift to stop yourself

prob broken lol

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nice gamemode, was really fun to PLAY it during the playtesting

Spade#12107 creator

: ) i think/hope its fixed now

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