Reinhardt Chad Simulator

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Still in developement. Reinhardt Chad Simulator is a game about knocking off your enemies. All your abilites have knockback, and you can save yourself with Charge if you get thrown off. Press your crouch button to cancel Charge.****

Currently known bugs:

Sometimes, Earthshatter does not give knockback. Unsure as to why. Current best use of firestrike is to knock off players you have shattered.

Disabling HUD text for yourself disables it for everyone because I'm bad

If you know how to use Overwatch scripting and you believe you have a fix for any of these, please add Narwhal#0002 on Discord.

Firestrike range bugfix suggested by Spade#12107, and I used that to make other consistency optimizations. Thanks!

Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Reinhardt
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Current version: 1.1



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