Welcome To Tookiwatch!

Are you trying to play Overwatch but not having any fun because the balancing is awful? Well now you can experience an ounce of fun by playing Tookiwatch!

This mode features several changes to your favorite heroes, allowing some fresh gameplay that can really spice up your queues! With constant updates and communiction with the community, I plan on letting Overwatch players have a unique experience that doesn't get stale! (like ranked...)

Tookiwatch features all the normal Overwatch modes, so it's not difficult to understand! The hero changes in this mode are very polished, and created in a way that helps new players understand the game with ease. All of the hero changes are listed below!

Creator - Tooki
Testing/Feedback - Trahpper, NyaWalking
Console Detection - Jar Of Gibbons


Some changes I’ve made involve the anti-heal status effect. Any anti-heal status effect applied that isn’t in vanilla Overwatch 2 is only a 50% healing received penalty, instead of the normal 100%. This makes it so that abilities such as Ana’s Biotic Grenade and Junkerqueen’s Rampage don’t have their effects made less unique. The custom-made anti-heal status effect penalty does not stack with one another, only the durations stack. The 50% anti-healing has separate visual effects from the typical 100% to avoid confusion.

Temporary Health:
Some changes I’ve made involve supplying temporary health to players. This temporary health acts separately to temporary health that is applied from abilities in vanilla Overwatch 2. This temporary health will appear the same, and decay at a rate of 4/sec. The decay will be paused for 3 seconds each time you receive temporary health.

Fire & Ice
Having both the “Burning” and “Frozen” status effects at the same time will cause the status effects to cancel eachother out, cleansing you of both debuffs.

Heroes that apply “Burning” to enemies can’t kill them with burning alone. Players will not receive damage from the “Burning” status effect unless they are above 30 health.

Non-Support heroes now have the ability to also heal themselves over time. After 4 seconds of being undamaged, you begin to heal at a starting point of 10hps. This number increases by 10 every 5 seconds, and is reset back to 10 when your healing is interrupted. Healing is interrupted by reaching max health or being damaged again.

  • This feature is currently disabled in reaction to the Season 9 update





  • While in Mech form, D.Va receives 50% less damage
  • The other 50% of damage is received over time
  • Ejecting from Mech will cancel any damage that was meant to be received over time


Power Block and Rocket Punch cooldowns reduced to 0.
Power Block and Rocket Punch are now limited to a stamina bar.

Seismic Slam
Now launches Doomfist downward.
Enemies impacted by the slam will be stunned, the duration being based on the proximity to Doomfist.

Junker Queen

Healing yourself now heals nearby allies. Can be triggered by Adrenaline, Health Packs, or Self-Heal.
[Cooldown: 1 sec.] [Healing: 10] [Radius: 15m]

Incendiary Ammo
Junker Queen now has a new passive meter that fills up passively over time while in combat.
Once the meter is full, your next reload will supply you with duration of Incendiary Ammo.
[Charge Time: 20 sec.] [Duration: 5 sec.] [DoT Dps: 15/sec] [DoT Duration: +2/shot]

Now inflicts minor anti-healing as long as the bleeding persists.


A True Companion
Players now have the ability to ride Orisa by being nearby and pressing [INTERACT].
Orisa receives 75% of damage instead of 100% while being ridden.
If Orisa takes damage, the rider takes 25% of the damage.
The rider takes full damage dealt specifically to them.

Javelin Spin
Holding [JUMP] pushes you into the direction you are facing, even upward.

Energy Javelin
Energy Javelin now applies a tether to victims for 5 seconds.
Pressing [SECONDARY FIRE] while an enemy is tethered will pull them to you.
Enemies can attempt to break the tether before being pulled by breaking line of sight for 1 second.
After pulling the victim in, Orisa unlocks an ability called “Mega Punch” which doubles the damage of your next melee attack, if used within 5 seconds.
[Cooldown: 12 sec.] [Cooldown If Missed: 6 sec.]


Ravenous Vortex
Is no longer usable while in Nemesis Form.
Is now a linear projectile.
Upon impact with an enemy or the max range, the Ravenous Vortex will explode.
Upon explosion, enemies who are within it’s increasing range will be Vortexed which makes the victim be pulled down, damaged, slowed, have thier projectiles nullified, and receive a minor anti-heal effect.
[Travel Range: 25m] [Cooldown: 15 sec.] [Active Duration: 4 sec.] [Dps: 32] [Max Range: 7.5m] [Move Speed: -35%] [Projectile Gravity: +100%] [Projectile Speed: -80%]

Nemesis Form
Base 20% move speed buff removed.
While in Nemesis Form, Ravenous Vortex is replaced by Nemesis Shift which allows Ramattra to dash in the direction he is moving in upon activation.
[Cooldown: 5 sec.] [Range: 10m]

Blocking damage will add onto your rage meter. You will not build Rage when Rage is already active.
Upon filling your Rage meter, Rage will automatically activate and apply a few buffs.
Rage has a damage received requirement of 100 damage.
Ending Nemesis Form will end Rage.
[Duration: 5 sec.] [Damage Dealt, Move Speed: +25%] [Damage Received: -25%]

Reinhardt (Unique!)

Coming into contact with an enemy will trigger a “Struggle” phase where you and your enemy stay in one position. A meter appears, and both players must fight to click [JUMP] the most. When Rein wins, the victim receives damage based on how well he did in comparison to the victim. If the victim wins, Rein is stunned for 2 seconds.
[Damage: 150-300]

Fire Strike
Now sets enemies on fire.
[Duration: 5 sec.] [Dps: 10]


Chain Hook
Enemies are no longer pulled in.
After the enemy is hit by the chain, the target becomes Chained.
[Move Speed: -35%] [Duration: 4 sec.]

Take a Breather
Now heals nearby allies.
Radius grows during usage.
Cooldown increased.
[8 sec. → 12 sec.]

Now drags enemies inward, instead of pushing them outward.


Experimental Barrier
Experimental Barrier now has a collision hit box, pushing back any enemies that come into contact with it while it’s moving.
Sigma can only move the barrier for up to 1.5 seconds before the barrier immediately returns to him. Setting the barrier in place before 1.5 seconds will keep it in place like normal.

Can now be feinted by letting go of the ability button, requiring you to hold the ability button until fully casted if you are trying to use it. If feinted, a small cooldown is applied.
Accretion now allows Sigma to boost himself in the opposite direction he’s facing if he hits himself
Any enemies hit with Accretion will become Linked to the hit location, unable to separate 5 meters away from the location they were hit.
[Feint Cooldown: 2 sec.] [Duration: 5 sec.]


No Changes (Yet!!!)

Wrecking Ball

Among Us Mode

  • Honestly it's funnier if you figure it out yourself (look in the workshop settings tab in the lobby)
  • This was the feature I spent a few days on before I burnt myself out :skull:


No Changes (Yet!!!)



No Changes (Yet!!!)


Configuration: Artillery → Configuration: Helicopter
Now transforms Bastion into an attack helicopter.
Kills will reset A-36 Tactical Grenade cooldown.
A-36 Tactical Grenade has a reduced cooldown while in Configuration: Helicopter.
[Cooldown Decrease: 50%] [Duration: 15 sec.]

Dave Deadeye (Canon Name!)

No Changes (Yet!!!)


No Changes (Yet!!!)


Now works on a Stamina bar.
Stanima regenerates over time.
Has a workshop option to be on toggle/hold!
Holding for too long will apply a short stun.
After the stun, you cannot deflect until your stamina bar is full again.
Kills grant 30% stamina.

Beam Deflect
Deflect can now deflect beams.
Genji receives 25% of the beam’s damage, but returns 100% of it.
Genji can deflect the following beams: Symmetra’s Primary Fire, Zarya’s Primary Fire, and Echo’s Focusing Beam.

Dragon Blade
Can no longer be charged by dealing damage.
Duration increased.
Ultimate is now charged passivley, over the course of 30 seconds while in combat.
While active, Genji deals 50% less damage.
Each swing will send a piercing projectile forward that will explode upon colliding with the environment or reaching max distance.
[6 sec. → 12 sec.] [Damage: 45] [Explosion Damage: 15] [Max Range: 16m]


Damage decreased by 25%.

Cold Dragon

  • All of Hanzo’s offensive abilities are capable of inflicting Chilled on enemies. Enemies will warm up after some time, but filling up an enemies Chilled bar will freeze them for up to 5 seconds. Numbers as follows:
    • Primary Shots = Equivalent To Damage Dealt (Divided by 5)
    • Sonar Arrow = +55%
    • Storm Arrow = +20% (per arrow)
    • Dragon Strike = +5% (per tic)


Junkrat receives half of the normal damage from fire damage.

Primary Fire
Gravity of grenades reduced.
[Gravity Reduction: 80%]

More Changes Soon!


Primary Fire
Now has the ability to heal allies and reduce Burning durations.
[Hps: 10/sec.] [Burning decay rate: 1/sec.]
Now has the ability to freeze enemies.
Can no longer apply Deep Chill.
Can no longer slow enemies.
Each reload only restores 50 ammo.

Is now always placed at your feet.
Has the same properties as Primary Fire.


Pharah’s damage is decreased by 40%.

Hitting targets with rockets will build up stacks of Fire-Lash on the victim, increasing it by one stack per hit.
Stacks of Fire-Lash will deplete by 1 every 10 seconds.
Hitting a target that has two stacks of Fire-Lash with a rocket will set the target on fire.
[Duration: 5 sec.] [Dps: 12]
Targets that are set on fire via Fire-Lash cannot receive stacks of Fire-Lash.
Attacks that can apply Fire-Lash stacks are as follows: Primary Fire, and Barrage.

Pharah can now move horizontally.


Health reduced by 20%.

Death Nix
Once per life, Reaper is unkillable.
Upon reaching 1hp, Reaper will automatically enter the Death Nix state where he temporarily has all abilities disabled, but can move freely without taking damage.
Self-Heal will automatically begin once Death Nix begins, and all status effects will be cleared.
After 9 seconds, Reaper will slowly appear from the ground and be able to enter the fight again.
Death Nix then becomes disabled until the next time you are alive, or finish using a Death Blossom.


Power Slide
While sliding, Sojourn will damage and stun nearby enemies, and knock them upward.
[Damage: 10] [Range: 2.5m]

More Changes Soon!

Soldier: 76 (Kill Streak!)

Kill Streak: Combat Drone
After a kill streak of 5, Solider gains the ability to use Combat Drone with [INTERACT].
Solider will turn into a drone, able to traverse the sky at the cost of only having 100 health.
Solider may use his== Primary Fire, ==Secondary Fire, and Ultimate while in drone view.
After 20 seconds or receiving enough damage, Solider will go back to his original position.
Earning an elimination grants an additional 5 seconds of drone use.
You can cancel drone view at any moment by pressing [INTERACT] again.

Now builds additional speed over time.
[Rate: +4% Move Speed/sec.] [Max Speed: +25%]

Gaining enough momentum with Sprint allows you to slide at great speed, which temporarily disables Sprint.
[Required Sprint Use: 1 sec.] [Sprint Disabled Duration: 1 sec]


No Changes (Yet!!!)


Primary Fire
As described in Genji’s changes, Symmetra’s Primary Fire can now be deflected.

Sentry Turrets → Hard Light Traps
Sentry Turrets are now Hard Light Traps which are throwable traps that travel forward, then slowly fall. Traps will activate 3 seconds after reaching the ground. Traps are not visible to enemy players who are outside of an active trap’s radius. Traps cannot be destroyed, but are only active for a brief period of time.
Any enemy that steps within the radius of a trap will be damaged, and receive the “Drained” status effect. “Drained” will drain the ultimate charge of a player, and evenly distribute their ultimate charge to the enemy team.)
[Damage: 25] [Drained Duration: 5 sec.] [Max Light Traps: 3] [Max Light Trap Duration (on ground): 12 sec.]

Teleporter → Homing Drones
Press the Ability 2 button to throw out a projectile, that will explode briefly after impact with the environment.
After exploding, 9 homing projectiles will be spawned and chase the nearest enemy.
[Cooldown: 8 sec.] [Damage: 10]


No Changes (Yet!!!)


No Changes (Yet!!!)

Widowmaker (Kill Streak!)

Kill Streak - Mind-Shot

  • After a kill streak of 5, Widowmaker gains the ability to use a Mind-Shot with [INTERACT].
  • Upon activation, the next shot Widowmaker fires will have the ability to control an enemy player.
  • After hitting a player, you are slowed and have three seconds to find cover before initiating control.
  • While controlling a player, that player can only be damaged by their own team and only healed by yours.
  • Controlled players cannot use any abilities, but instead have a short range aoe melee.
  • The melee does 100 damage, with a fire rate of 0.5/sec.
  • Mind Control only lasts for 10 seconds, but can be extended by 5 seconds for each elimination you earn.

Widowmaker’s damage is decreased by 45%.
Any instance of damage where the victim’s health is above 35 will have it’s damage increased by 45%.

Primary Fire
Critical shots (while scoped) now inflict bleed damage and apply the Revealed status effect to all enemies within 5 meters of the damaged victim, as well as the victim themself.
[Bleed Duration: 5 sec.] [Bleed Dps: 13] [Revealed Duration: 5 sec.]

While active, any fully charged shot will apply a stronger bleeding effect on the victim, and the same Revealed status effect from before.
[Bleed Duration: 5 sec.] [Dps: 20]



Wall Climb
Ana now has the ability to climb walls.

Sleep Dart
Removed Asleep status effect, and instead acts as an ability cancel.
Now deals 75 damage and applies a minor anti-heal effect.
Applies a health limiter to the victim, not allowing their health to reach above 75% for the duration.
[Debuff Durations: 5 sec.]


No Changes (Yet!!!)


No Changes (Yet!!!)



  • All of Illiari’s offensive abilities are capable of inflicting Sunburnt on enemies. Enemies will cool down after some time, but filling up an enemies’ Sunburnt bar will burn them for up to 5 seconds. Numbers as follows:
    • Melee = +30%
    • Primary Fire = Equivalent to Damage Dealt (Divided by 5)
    • Outburst = +55%
    • Captive Sun = +25%

Kiriko (Latest!)

Swift Step
Now allows Kirko to teleport anywhere instead of allies.
[Range: 15m]

Protection Suzu → Blessing
Protection Suzu is now Blessing.
Blessing is a projectile that attatches to walls or teammates, with a max range of 25 meters.
While active, allies within the active radius will receive burst healing.
Upon initial throw, Blessing has full blessing power and is reduced by 5 with each burst.
Dealing damage decreases the time between bursts for 3 seconds and resets the burst time.
Blessing can be replaced at any moment, or manually destroyed with [INTERACT].
Dying or running out of blessing power will also destroy the blessing.
[Blessing Power: 100] [Blessing Recovery Rate: 5] [Radius: 15m] [Healing: 10] [Burst Rate: 50]
[Critical Hit: +55 Burst Rate] [Normal Hit: +30 Burst Rate]


Any instance of healing a teammate will apply a heal over time effect.
[Max Duration: 10 sec.] [Hps: 10]

Graceful Fall
Holding Jump while falling will allow Lifeweaver to use “Graceful Fall” which allows slower falling speeds.
[Cooldown: 1.5 sec] [Duration: ထ]

Rejuvenating Dash
Applies a small upwards impulse after the dash when using Graceful Fall.

Life Grip
Now has two charges.
Cooldown increased.
[16 sec. → 30 sec]


Sound Barrier → Tempo Resurrection
Temporary health amount received reduced to 300.
Now heals for 200 health to allies in the radius.
Any dead allies within the radius will be Tempo Resurrected.
Tempo Resurrected is a grace period of an extra lifetime. Failing to earn an elimination during Tempo Resurrected's duration will result in death. Earning an elimination allows the player to keep their life.


No Changes (Yet!!!)


Move Speed Increased.
Upon exiting Fade, Fade's cooldown is reset.
You may Fade again within the next 5 seconds to preform Shadow Rewind to transport you and nearby allies back to your original Fade position. Moira is granted a speed bonus during this time.
After using Shadow Rewind, Fade goes on a 12 sec. cooldown.
If you don’t use Shadow Rewind, Fade goes on its 8 sec. cooldown.
[Fade Move Speed: +50%] [Post-Fade: Move Speed: +25%]


Jump → Hover
The ability to jump has been removed.
Zenyatta now has the ability to hover above the ground. Holding [JUMP] travels upward, holding [CROUCH] travels downward.
[Vertical Range: 7m]

Orb of Destruction Volley → Meditation
Charge up volley removed.
Zenyatta can now “Meditate” which supplies him and nearby allies with temporary health. The only actions that can be preformed during this ability are levitating and moving.
[Cooldown: 30 sec.] [Duration: 3.75 sec.] [Temp Health: 100]

Players | 1 - 8
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 33 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.3

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