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Welcome to Ow_Surf! This game mode is a recreation of a very popular custom game mode in CSGO and TF2. Custom-made maps are already built-in into the code. This copies the mechanics and physics of everything in surf such as air movement, walls and ramp collisions, and bhops. You can race against other people to see which person is the Best Surfer of all time. If you're all alone, no worries, you can just turn on the Ghost Feature This summons a dummy bot which you can race against. This ghost will always run at Your best time. Each map has its own difficulty so you can pick whichever one that matches your surfing level.

How to Surf:

-DONT hold W
-Always hold A/D against the slope
-In air, Always hold A/D along with the direction you're turning. Aka strafe.

How to gain speed:

-Traveling on ramps will continually increase your speed a tiny bit over time.
-Always strafe even if where you want to go is in a straight line.
-Strafing in the wrong direction, holding the wrong direction against the slope, or not strafing at all will also decrease your speed over time.

How the timer works:

The moment you jump off the first platform, your clock will begin. The time stops when you reach the end goal. Touching the ground will disqualify your current time.


Ctrl + Primary Click + Secondary Click 

Your position is recorded at all times. It'll save the track of your best time. When the ghost mode is enabled, the moment you jump off the platform, the ghost will start surfing its track. You can race against yourself and you can learn from your own past experience. You can also Hold Q to force your ghost to start its track. Useful if you just want to see what you did before.


This game mode will come with built-in custom made maps. Choose the map that's right for your surfing level.

- Lighthouse (2.8/5 difficulty)
- BlizzWorld (1.5/5)
- Paris (3.8)
- Route69 (4)
- Junkertown (3.4)
- Workshop Island (4)
- Doritos (4)
- Hollywood(3)
- Expanse (4.5)

Have Fun!

Ow_Surf - Made by Yurodd

Map designed by members of the Grandeur Hammers.

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Categories: Race
Heroes: Cassidy
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.6.9

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