Chill KZ by Keepkeepzz#1711

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Please note this mode has not yet been tested with a large amount of players.

To use the options menu hold interact and it will open. While it is open the player will be stuck in place. Move back and forward to scroll through the options and press jump to select the highlighted option. Options that have numbers at the the end of them can be modified by moving left and right. To go back to the previous menu press crouch and to close the menu entirely press interact.

The options menu contains various submenus such as player modifiers, projectile modifiers and camera settings. The player modifiers menu allows you to change your move speed, gravity and aim speed, while in the projector modifiers menu you can change your projectile speed and gravity.

In the cameras menu you change the camera mode, the distance the camera is from the player and set a custom camera position. The camera modes are as follows:
0 - First person
1 - Over head third person, where the player is below the crosshairs
2 - Over the shoulder, where the player is to the left of the crosshairs
3 - Front facing camera, where the camera is in front of the player facing back at them.
4 - Custom camera, camera set in custom camera editor.

The custom camera editor can be found in the cameras menu. When activated the player can set the camera eye position then set where it faces. To use the custom camera you set you must change the camera mode to 4.

The quick menu can be accessed by quickly tapping interact while no menus are open. Unlike the options menu the player can move while it is open. Press the following buttons to use the features:
Primary fire - While held will show where the player will teleport, when released the player will teleport to that location.
Secondary fire - Swap to the hero you were previously using.
Ability 2 - Kills the player.

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Players | 1 - 12
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