Jojo's Bizzare Deathmatch [Version 1.5]


Jojo's Bizzare Adventure has come to Overwatch! Play a variety of your favourite heroes, with their own personal stand! Each stand adds to that heroes capabilities, from a shield to a personal Transendance! With super easy to use controls, I hope you have a blast!

_(p.s: this is my first time making a gamemode, so I hope you all enjoy! :D) _


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i’ve been working on my jojo gamemode too,i dont mind helping out with bug fixes and adding more stands

AgentRed creator

Thank you for offering, but I don't plan to work on this gamemode anymore


um i think you have potential i can definitely help


I saw your gamemode,to me this is nothing,but sense your new to workshop,This is pretty impressive,im very good at workshop,not a master though,i really want to help you out on future gamemodes,is there a way i can communicate with you so i can help you out?

Note:dont take this as an insult,your honeslty very impressive,so can i help you,i would love helping you make gamemodes.

Bugs i Found And how to fix them:
1-You Can Keep Emoteing and bots will keep spawning
Fix:you set the slot of the bot on -1 that will keep spawning them on a diffrent slot everytime you emote,so instead summon the bot depending on the players slot,for example if the players slot is 0,create the bot in slot 3,make sure to use the if and else if action.
2-Wasting Rule Space,There are certain rules were you wasted a rule,what i mean is that there a limit to how many Rules there are,so for example,for baptiste you had a rule specificly for him to press ability 1,instead add that with the stand summoning and have a wait after the bot has spawned,then let the bot use ability 1,make sure to fix the first Bug first like i told you then do this.
3-when you crouch,it deletes all bots on team.
Fix:fix the first bug like i told you,and then whenever a player in a certain slot is crouching,then it destroys their stand in a slot,for example,if player is slot 0 is crouching,then is destroys players in slot 3,or you could set the dummy bot as a last created entity with a player varible,then depending on which player crouches,it deletes that certain bot.
1-Make it so when emoteing,have a wait action then stun the player for like 0.1 seconds,so it cancels the emote,and so your not vulnerable.

I hope this helped,please somehow communicate with me,so i can help you even more :)

AgentRed creator

thanks for the advice! I usually only work solo with my projects, but you can playtest early versions of my gamemodes if you want to! Any particular app you want to communicate on?


Maybe discord,or whatsapp,do you have any of these two?

Id prefer discord

Also,after playtesting could i fix the bugs and stuff that you dont exactly understand,then send you the code for it?

AgentRed creator

RedBear#7148 is my discord, and I'm fine with you doing so! Feel free to add your name to the credits at the top if you do so aswell


Thank you very much :)


Hey Agent Red! I saw that you dropped the update and i remebered that, Genjis stand [Orisa] isnt that useful because Genji is very mobile and etc. I didnt test all characters, but if none of them has Ana as a stand i think the nano boost would fit better. Only my opinion.

AgentRed creator

I'd love to make that a Stand! Unfortunately I cannot get the bots to face the right direction yet, so the Stands have to be usable in all directions.


Theres a action to make players to face a direction, however, i dont know if it can be used in bots, so you could make them point at the enemy or you and ultimate.


Hello! So, me and my friend played this for a while and we found some problems:

  • Activating your stand by emoting is way to risky, even tough is a reference to the poses. My sugestion is to make the stand button Interact, while having a seconds cooldown so it isnt spammable.

-If you emote many times you get a lot of bots standing in the map doing nothing.

-Tracer´s stand, [The world], isnt that powerful and doesnt stop time that well. My recomendation is to also reduce de aim sensbility and not only move speed.

-You should explain what wich stand does in some kind of text.
Also, i know that coding takes LOTS of time and is kinda boring.

AgentRed creator

Thank you so much for the feedback! :D

The stands can be disabled by crouching, so that should fix that issue

Im planning for Group Up to explain your characters stand in a later update :)

Tracers Stand probably will be reworked too, so check back soon for that :D

I'm thinking of making you invincible when you emote, which could fix the risk factor!

thank you again :D

  • Agent Red

Im glad that i can help! :D (edit) I also know a code that lets you do repetive fast melles, im using that to create my own jojo game that focuses on physical combat and not abilities and diversity.


I wish the actual stands were here :3 but cool nonetheless

AgentRed creator

I wish I could code that good, haha!




Ooooh sounds fun

AgentRed creator

Hope you did indeed find it fun :D



Update Log (5)


Update 1.5:

General Update:

  • Your Stand now follows you around! :D (thanks to alhajrey007!)

Dev Note:
Just wanted to say that the next update could either be the very last for this gamemode, a small balance update, or a rework of some Stands.


Update 1.4

Big thank you to alhajrey007 for making this possible!


  • Emotes now get cancelled so you don't have to sit through all of the emote

Slice of Life:

  • Code has been rewritten to be shorter, which means less lag!


  • Fixed Phara's Stand.
  • The map is now Lijang Night market, instead of the plain Workshop Expanse.

Mini Update:

  • Added two new maps to play in
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