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Originally a famous mod for HL2, The Hidden let you play an invisible and deadly experimentation subject with a knife who escaped the labs. A team of heavily armed force is deployed in the last location the subject has been spotted to neutralize it.

The Game

Firstly, you need to select your weapon as a member of the intervention team then a player is chosen randomly to become the Hidden.
A setup time begin where the members of the intervention team spawn at the same position and can select their abilities until the timer reach 0 and the game begins.
The game end if the Hidden eliminate the intervention team, if the intervention team neutralize the Hidden or when the timer reach 0.

The Hidden

• Hunt the intervention team to win.
• You are invisible but still make sounds or environmental effects like splash or dust.
• Pounce [Ability 1]
◦ Do a leap when you are on ground.
◦ Drain stamina.
• Wall grab [Ability 1]
◦ Grab a wall or a ceiling when you are not on ground.
◦ Hold [Ability 1] to maintain.
Press [Jump] to do a pounce from the wall.
◦ Drain stamina.
• Deflect [Ability 2]
◦ Deflect projectiles towards the direction you are aiming.
◦ Long cooldown.
• Sticky grenade [Primary Fire]
◦ Throw a grenade who damage everyone in his explosion radius.
◦ You can throw a grenade if the enemy team possesses at least 3 members.
◦ The biggest is the enemy team, the more grenades you get.
• Perception [Ultimate]
◦ Hold [Ultimate] to see the heartbeats through the walls.
◦ While using perception you cannot move or look around.
◦ The color of heart depends on the player’s health from green to red.
• Feeding [Interaction]
◦ When a player die, he drops a red sphere indicating you can feed on it.
◦ Eat a dead body (red sphere) to regain health.
◦ The red sphere disappears when you completely drain the body.

Intervention Team

• Eliminate the Hidden to win.
• The mode is set by default with 7 players in the team but can be lowered to 1 or upped to 11.
• In panic, the members of the team can hurt each others.
◦ If you teamkill 2 times, you will be marked as a traitor and terminated.
• Your weapon
◦ The hero selection is the weapon selection.
◦ You weapon is limited in ammunition, spam is not recommended.
◦ You can not get ammo for your weapon but can take weapon of your dead teammates.
◦ If you see the hero’s icon of a dead teammate, press [Interact] to pick his weapon and ammo.
◦ You do not get fully healed when you pick a weapon.
Weapons specificity
Ana : Her weapon do little damage but can make the Hidden dizzy, obstructing his movements and vision. (Works on allies when friendly fire is enabled
• Your abilities
◦ After the weapon selection you enter in the abilities selection.
◦ Press [Ability 1] or [Ability 2] to pick your loadout.
• Adrenaline Shot (Fast) [Ability 1]
◦ Increase temporarily your speed.
◦ 3 uses.
• Morphine Shot (Defend) [Ability 1]
◦ Increase temporarily your defense.
◦ 2 uses.
More Ammo (More Load) [Ability 1]
Increase your total ammunition your carry by 50%
• Motion sensor (Alert) [Ability 2]
◦ Detect anything moving in his radius.
◦ Produce a loud noise when someone trigger it.
◦ Must be placed on a surface.
◦ 1 use.
• Sparkles Grenade (Sparkles) [Ability 2]
◦ Create sparkles around the Hidden for a limited time if it got caught the blast radius.
◦ 3 uses.
EMF detector (Distance) [Ability 2]
Shows the distance in meters between you and the Hidden.
Toggle to enable/disable the ability.
30 uses (Last 60 seconds, doesn't regen).

Questions and answers.

Can I choose who plays the Hidden instead being the victim of a random selection?
Yes, go to Settings→Workshop and change in the rule “Selection of the Hidden” the global variable C from 0 to 1.
The player in the first slot of the lobby will be always the Hidden.

Hey, where is the friendly fire from the HL2 mod who do the spice of the game?
It is disabled by default but you can enable it, go to Settings→Workshop and change in the rule “Friendly fire” the global variable G from 0 to 100.
(0 = No damage, 50 = Half damage, 100 = Full damage).
You can also enable the revenge option by changing in the rule "Friendly fire vengeance to attacker" the global variable H from 0 to 2.
(0 = Off, 1 = Same amount of damage, 2 = Double amount of damage).

Can I change how long the game last?
Yes, go to Settings→Modes→Deathmatch and change “Game length in minutes” to the value you want.

How do I modify the numbers of players in the intervention team?
Go to settings→Lobby and change “Max FFA players” to the value you want. You need at least 2 players, one soldier and one Hidden.

Why sounds aren’t working?
Sounds issues are from Blizzard side and we can’t do anything about it except waiting for a new patch. Until then, when a player trigger a sonic alarm trip, the player who placed it will receive an alert message.

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