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General Info

At the start of each round, players are told a specific colour and a timer begins. Once this timer hits 0, any players who are not within the correct sphere(s) are eliminated for the match. Are you able to race against the clock and survive? Perhaps you would prefer to sabotage your enemies by knocking them out at just the right moment!


In the event that all players have died or the gamemode reaches the maximum amount of rounds, the tiebreaker begins. All players are warped to the centre of the arena and must race to find the correct colour as the first one who touches it is declared the winner!

Hero Information

Certain heroes have unique abilities/limitations exclusive to this gamemode. They are as follows:

  • Baptiste
    • Using regenerative burst grants him the "phased out" status effect allowing him to walk through opponents
    • Immortality Field becomes disabled after it saves his life and after a certain number of rounds pass, he will die
  • Bastion
    • Ultimate grants him a burst of speed
  • Hanzo
    • Using ultimate hides the HUD text for what the current correct colour is
  • Sigma
    • Ultimate is cancelled during cast, therefor giving him the ability to double jump
  • Orisa
    • Ultimate can be used to kill a player who contributed to her death (only works while alive and for 1 round)
  • Torbjorn
    • Ultimate burns the opponent who Torb is looking at
  • Tracer
    • Cooldown between blinks of two seconds. This means she cannot use 2 consecutively
  • Zarya
    • Has an icon that tells her where the closest correct sphere is located
  • If a player is set on fire, their movement speed is reduced

Known Issues


  • If a player joins after round 1 commences and selects a hero, they cannot die in round 1
  • In rare instances, the server is overloaded resulting in a crash
  • In rare instances, tiebreaker can initially twice
  • Tiebreaker may announce two colours, one of which is correct
  • It is possible for a player to desync their score, breaking tiebreaker's compatible players detection
  • Powerups can sometimes spawn outside the play area
  • Powerups can sometimes spawn directly on the border, often being unobtainable
  • The camera event for tiebreaker can sometimes freak out and move erratically

Hero Specific

  • Sombra's Hack rarely ever assigns the kill credit
  • Pharah's Concussive Blast has difficulty assigning the killer tag to players caught in its area of effect if the projectile flies further than 50m
  • Using Zennyatta's Cosmic Warp during the tiebreaker causes him to teleport into the void
  • Zarya's sphere radar disappears in tiebreaker

Map Specific

  • It is possible to get trapped in Dorado (Arena 3)
  • There is a 0.0188% chance for two spheres to spawn on top of each other in Workshop Expanse

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