Big torb boss

Big torb and baby rien fight together to challenge the enemy team

Boss torb: has a rage feature, can only be used every few minutes, can hold crouch and super jump to get to high ground, and can get his ultimate when his health is below 30%

Rien is another boss thats his sidekick, He is there to support him and distract from the torb and he's hard to hit.

players can taunt to deal double damage for a few seconds
The gamemode is made to dynamically scale in several ways to make it a little more fair,

  • the bosses get resistance when they lose by too much
  • teams auto change to boss if there is none, and if theres less than 3 players one boss switches to survivor
  • the boss health scales based off how many players are in the server

There is also a scoreboard in the top right, to show damage and at the top is the current boss' health

Players | 1 - 12
Categories: Boss Mode
Tags: boss
Heroes: All
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