If I See You Move You Die (TNT) by Taco#21934

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Import codes:

ZCB78 - Classic maps only. Reach seeker spawn to win. Snippet: pastebin.com/EwWuaMT0

EJ619 - Skirmish maps only. Large maps. Several objectives to capture. Seeker bots possible. Snippet: pastebin.com/8pT5tDWG

4DTK3 - All maps. Mix of Classic and Skirmish maps. Snippet: pastebin.com/298tdpXQ


The classic 'If I See You Move You Die' with a bunch of features. Made from scratch by TNT.

How to play:

Up to 2 Seekers and 6 Runners. Runners win if they capture all the objectives without being killed by the Seekers. Seekers win if they kill all the Runners, or if the time runs out. Seekers can only kill Runners that they have seen moving within the last 10 seconds. Elimination maps feature a single objective in Seeker spawn. Skirmish maps feature several objectives that can be captured in any order.

About this version:

In this version, it is always possible for the Runners to win due to runner protection, anti-camp, auto-victory and other features. Seekers will have to try their best to stop the Runners, as opposed to 'giving the Runners room to move' like in other versions. In this version, there is no such thing as 'unfair play'. Runners are dangerous and fast, but they are on the clock. Hero abilities are enhanced and customized to fit the game mode. Team play is very awarding.

Features summary:

All maps

Runner protection


Automatic victory

Barriers block LOS

Ragdoll physics

High knockback

Enhanced / customized abilities (see HUD)

Bot mode (skirmish maps only)

Extreme bot mode (you will not survive)

Movement detection rules:

All horizontal movement - including teleports - count as moving.

Resurrect counts as moving for both Mercy and resurrected player until animation is complete.

Seekers are blinded by status effects (Hacked, Knocked Down, Asleep, Frozen, Rooted or Stunned). Effects will clearly indicate the blinded status for both Runners and Seekers.

Seekers are unable to see through barriers or transparent surfaces.

Emotes are not detected as movement.

Playing with a third-person POV (like Hammond roll), you will only detect movement if you would so in first person.

Runner protection:

If a Seeker attacks a Runner that they have not seen moving, the Seeker will be teleported back to Runner spawn and rooted for a few seconds.

Runners (and only Runners) will be notified if they move within a Seeker's field of view. From that point on, the observing Seeker has 10 seconds to kill that Runner, and will be marked by an exclamation mark for that Runner. Note that Seekers will never be notified, and must rely soley on what they see.


Blind Seekers are marked with a purple effect.

'Invisible' Runners are marked with a purple effect.

Seekers that have recently seen you moving are marked with an exclamation mark.


If a Seeker has watched a Runner for more than 6 seconds in the last 30 seconds, the Seeker will be teleported back to Runner spawn and rooted for a few seconds.

Whenever a Seeker starts watching a Runner, the counter will increment by 1 second no matter how long they watch.

Anti-camp will not trigger if the Runner being watched has been spotted.

Automatic victory:

If the Runners capture all the objectives (in any order), they turn Invincible, and the Seekers inevitably die.

Skirmish maps:

The mode is compatible with all skirmish maps that are not already among the elimination maps. Elimination maps work as before with a single objective to capture in Seeker spawn. Skirmish maps have several objectives that can be captured in any order. They also have have a custom assembly and setup phase, a longer round duration, different player scoring (1p per capture, 3p per seeker kill), possibility to purchase respawn with 3p, and possibility to play with Seeker bots.

Bot mode:

Skirmish maps have a new bot mode, allowing Seeker bots. Bot mode will automatically activate when Seeker bots are detected. Seeker bots will respect the rules, and will never attack unless they have seen you move. However, they are immune to wrongful attack penalties from AOE (though this damage will not kill you). If they accidentally move you with an ability, they will kill you, so dont clump up. Some bots are better than others, so try mixing it up. Beware that these bots have hawk eyes, and will never let you get away with moving in their sight (if you are spotted, you better run for it). Bots also have a custom anti-camp penalty: They will respawn in their own spawn room, as opposed to being teleported to runner spawn.

How to play with bots:
Show lobby -> Add AI -> Recommended -> Hard difficulty -> Team 1.
You can also add one at the time if you want to choose hero for each bot.
Change heroes between rounds to keep it interesting:
Show lobby -> Right click bot -> Remove all bots.
You need to be fast adding new bots; if there are no players on either team when the round starts, the team with spawned players will win. Note: It does not work to edit a spawned bot.

The host can enable 'Extreme bot mode' by holding melee + reload for 2 seconds. This features faster and more dangerous Seeker bots for those wanting a challenge. Try McCree and Soldier here. You will not survive.

Notable features:

All heroes are enabled.

Seekers can't see through barriers.

Status-effects lasts for 3 sec, and Seekers are blinded.

Seekers can't be touched during status-effects + 0.5s (prevents stunlocks).

Ragdoll physics upon elimination.

Clean HUD and intuitive effects.

Informative messages.

All knockback is increased.

Melee damage: Push.

Enhanced / customized abilities and hero notes (for Runners):


God of crowd control.

Endothermic Darts: Each tick of damage slows and ultimately freezes Seekers in place for 3 sec.

Sleep Dart: 6 sec sleep.

Biotic Grenade: 3 sec knockout and knockback.

Nano Boost: 3 sec knockout and knockback on anyone coming near the Nano Boosted played for the entire duration. Requires line of sight. Range is indicated by an effect.


Dynamite: 3 sec knockout.

Coach Gun: High knockback on self and enemy.


Regenerative Burst: Movement speed boost.

Amplification Matrix: One giant leap for runnerkind.

Immortality Field: Disabled.


This bot will launch you to the moon.

All damage: Knockback.

Hold interact in sentry mode: Disengage recoil suppression.

Tank mode: Lunar visit on hit.


Seekers can't see through barriers.

Barrier: Does not reduce movement speed.

Bash: 3 sec knockout.

Whip Shot: High knockback.


Micro missiles (6 direct hits): 3 sec knockout and knockback.

Boosters: High knockback.

Call Mech: High knockback.

Self Destruct: High knockback. Invisible during use.


Rocket Punch: High knockback.

Rising Uppercut: High knockback.


Dragonblade: 3 sec knockout and knockback.

Deflect: 3 sec knockout and knockback.

Swift Strike: Pull enemies hit with you.


Headshots: Knockback scaling with damage.

Sonic Arrow: Cooldown matches duration.

Storm arrows: 3 sec freeze on every 2nd hit.

Lunge: Longer jump.


Hammond's roll: Speed slightly adjusted.


Concussion Mine: High knockback.

Steel Trap: 3 sec knockout.


Wall Ride and Crossfade do not affect Lúcio's movement speed.

Crossfade: Speed up teammates, allowing them to catch up.

Sound Wave: High knockback.


Flashbang: 3 sec knockout.

Deadeye: Move fast and shoot to kill.


Blaster: 3 sec freeze.

Cryo-Freeze: Bounces high and can't be detected.

Blizzard: Freezes instantly.


Resurrect: Counts as moving for both Mercy and resurrected player until animation is complete.

Guardian Angel: Brief movement speed boost after use.


Fade counts as moving.

Biotic Orb: Each tick steals movement speed. Ultimately 3 sec knockout.

Coalescence: Knockback.


Seekers can't see through barriers.

Barrier: Low cooldown.

Fortify: Movement speed boost.

Halt: Low cooldown.

Supercharger: Summons all Seekers.


Rockets: High knockback on self and enemy.

Concussive Blast: High knockback on self and enemy.

Barrage: 3 sec knockout and knockback.


Wraith Form: Counts as moving.

Shadow Step: Counts as moving.

Death Blossom: Speed boost, 3 sec knockout, and knockback scaling with distance.


Seekers can't see through barriers.

Barrier: Does not reduce movement speed.

Firestrike: Low cooldown and high projectile speed. Use to gather ult-charge.

Charge: Supersonic speed.

Earthshatter: 3 sec knockout. Blows enemies away.


Chain Hook on enemy: 3 sec knockout.

Chain Hook on surface: Grapple. Hold space to keep momentum.

Breather: Movement speed boost for the duration.


Seekers can't see through barriers.

Accretion: 3 sec knockout. High Knockback.

Kinetic Grasp: Movement speed boost for the duration.

Gravitic Flux: 3 sec knockout. Lifts and pushes enemies away, then slams them back down.

Hold Interact: Experiment ...


Tactical Visor: Knockback on hit. Move fast.

Helix Rockets (direct hit): 3 sec knockout and knockback.


Hack: Invert Seeker input (wasd) and blind.

Stealth: Can't move or translocate.

Translocator: Counts as moving.


Full charge orb (direct hit): 3 sec knockout and knockback.

Turrets: Low cooldown.

Teleporter: Teleporting counts as moving.


Turret: Low cooldown.

Overload: Movement speed boost for the duration.

Forge Hammer: 3 sec knockout and knockback.


Recall: Recall to spawn.

Pulse Bomb: Warp Seekers hit back to Runner spawn.


Fully scoped headshots: 3 sec knockout and knockback.

Grappling Hook: Low cooldown.

Venom Mine: Low cooldown.


Seekers can't see through barriers.

Very high ultimate generation from combat, but no passive generation.

As a Seeker, you don't want to go anywhere near Winston.

Barrier: Low cooldown.

Primal Rage: Infinite duration. High knockback. High movement speed. 3 sec knockout on hit.


Seekers can't see through barriers.

Bubble: Movement speed boost for the duration. This is a barrier.

Graviton Surge: Freezes damaged enemies.


Dreaming: Zenyatta soars like a butterfly.

Volley of Destruction (three rapid hits): 3 sec knockout and knockback. Melee can be one of the hits.

Hero notes for Seekers:

Many Seeker heroes have balance changes to limit mobility and altitude.

Some abilities are disabled for Seekers to prevent them from interfering with movement detection.

Zenyatta and Sigma emit a constant sound to all nearby Runners (no footsteps).

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