GraczCourier's Hostage Extraction (Variant 2) by GraczCourier#2178

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

Upcoming patch notes for version 1.0.3 (not released yet) - Currently working on it, on the PTR version of the Overwatch.


  1. Fixed the issue unallowing attacking nor defending players to pick the hostage up after being knock downed by Bleed Out State rules.
  2. Player/Dummy Hostage has now much more health, when RHI System is turned on. Making them unable though to get to Bleed Out State.
  3. Since fixing the Go To Assemble Heroes issue preventing the action working on Assault and Hybrid maps, added the Workshop Round System, for the gamemode.
  4. Fixed the messages about the match/round's remaining time.
  5. (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) After killing the player/dummy hostage 3 times in each round, game ends in a draw.
  6. Or turns on the RHI System.

Note that some of the features may be the subject to change in the release of the gamemode patch to the Live version of Overwatch.

Please note that Variant 1 and 2, are the variants with changed positions only.

Player in Blue team on a top slot will be forced to be the player-hostage, if slot is not seized, dummy bot will take place of a hostage. RED's task is to approach and extract him/her to a designated extraction point. The teams have heroes divided into ATK and DEF fitting heroes. The game ends whenever the hostage is killed, ATK/DEF is eliminated or when ATK/DEF manages to extract/protect the hostage.

If player in top slot in Team 1 doesn't want to be the player-hostage, may ask host to move player to the lower slots, which Dummy Bot will take the slot of the hostage (Top Slot - Team 1) if is not seized.


Some of the heroes fast heal ups for wounded hostage, when close. Find them out yourselves. ;)

Elimination-like mechanic - once you're eliminated, you're eliminated for the whole round/game.

RHI - Reversed Hostage Injury Rule: Damage dealt to Hostage will be returned to attacking player. Host can manually turn on or off this rule, if it's considered that player's keeps on killing the hostage, instead of escorting.


If you encountered an issue, post it in the comments in GAMEMODE TRAILER video, and I'll try to fix it. Your opinion matters and helps this gamemode grow.

EXPLANATION TUTORIAL HERE (Video was recorded during beta testing of this gamemode):


Known issues:
1.Q Whenever I play solo with this gamemode, it ends my game instantly, after the initial countdown.

1.A Try adding a bot (to slot 1 in team 2, if you are defender in slot from 2 to 6. Or vice versa, bot to slot from 2 to 6 if you are attacker in slot from 1 to 5) and try again. There's also probability, that you've seized slot 1 in team 1, which is slot for a Player/Dummy-Hostage (2.Q).

2.Q I can't move and I could select only Soldier-76 and Tracer, while I was in Blue Team (1).

2.A You've probably seized the slot 1 in team 1. Exit to lobby, and switch to slot from 2 to 6 (if you are defender). Slot 1 in Team 1 is reserved for Hostage-player. If not seized, fully scripted dummy hostage will be created.

3.Q I've started the game. I am in Team 2, but after the initial countdown nothing happens and dummy hostage is not present.

3.A Some workshop scripts work, when player is present in a certain team. In your example, I presume, you're playing solo in attackers team, and you haven't added a bot. Add the bot to one of the slots from 2 to 6 in team 1.

Here's an unpublic post with a images of resolving the issue.

More known issues will be added once reported.

Misc issues:
Why hostage extraction time has been extended on Assault maps?

Read the changelog 1.0.1. Because assault maps are a bit shorter than escort(/assault) maps, extraction time has been extended from 5 to 10, to balance between Defender reaching for hostage around extraction area, and securement time.

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