Hollywood Thriller (Zombies)


Gameplay Non-critical kills = 100 points. Critical kills = 300 points. Every 100 points of healing to you or teammates = 100 points. Use points to purchase more areas in the map or new heroes to play. If an ally dies, you can revive them by standing in the circle left at the position they died. The time it takes to revive a teammate increases with each revive, and resets each round.

Enemies Enemies scale in strength, health, and speed with each player, as well as the round number. Enemies have a chance to drop powerups, which include 3x Points, Increased Speed, Increased Damage, Unlimited Ultimate, a Passive Heal, and a Freezing Zone around each player.

Challenge Rounds Every 5th round is an "Adrenaline Round" where enemies spawn with close to 100% ultimate charge. Other rounds have a chance to be one of 6 other challenge rounds. They modify the round and make it more, well.. challenging! In exchange you are rewarded with points that scale up with the Round number. The 6 possible challenge rounds are as follows:

  • Levitation Rounds - Players and enemies levitate for a few seconds upon taking damage.
  • Team Up Rounds - Players take extra damage when they are separated from their teammates.
  • Volatile Air Rounds - Players and enemies take damage over time if they are in the air at any time.
  • Ghost Rounds - Enemies rotate between being visible and invisible for seconds at a time.
  • Juggernaut Rounds - One enemy gains a lot of health and a little more damage for the entire round.
  • Self Destruct Rounds - Every enemy explodes upon death, dealing damage to nearby players.

Map Secrets Next to the RV at the last checkpoint, you can activate the "Power" which enables the use of the Teleporter next to the final payload destination. Once the teleporter appears, you can activate it by finding the switch (a turquoise circle) placed randomly on the map. The teleporter stays open for a minute, and transports you to a saferoom where you can purchase Torbjorn for a high price, as well as increase your Damage, Healing Output, or Max Health for points. Also, whenever the power is activated the Hammond's Rent-A-Tank appears in a random spot on the map. Here you can spend points to gain a tank character and a certain amount of energy based on the current Round number. You can hold reload to swap between your hero and your tank. Killing an enemy as your tank reduces your energy by 1. Upon depleted energy, the tank is lost. Upon dying as your tank, your tank is lost and you get instantly revived. After the store is used a certain amount of times, however, it moves to a new random location.

Huge thanks to my Patron ZanyDruid!!!

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Update Log (3)

  • Raised max number of bots to 8
  • Added "Overshields" Powerup, which functions similar to Symmetra's Shield Generator. Lasts 60 seconds and grants +25% of the player's Max Health.
  • Added "Endless Ammo" Powerup, which grants infinite(1000) ammo for 60 seconds.
  • Decreased the cooldown for the teleporter to 1 minute instead of 2.
  • Made challenge rounds significantly less common
  • Volatile Air challenge round only sets you on fire if you jump, rather than falling, being knocked into the air, etc.
  • Team Up challenge round's radius was increased from 10m to 20m, allowing you to be a little further away from your teammates without suffering penalties.
  • Enemies will now have a cloud to show where they are at during the Ghost challenge rounds, so they are no longer completely invisible.
  • The force and duration of the levitation during the Levitation challenge round has been reduced.
  • Bots now randomly strafe side to side when in sight, making them harder to hit.
  • Melee Kills now award bonus points similar to headshot kills, making it possible for non-headshot heroes to accumulate extra points.
  • Added a zone that prevents players from entering the second defender spawn via Symmetra's teleporter.
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