Dodge the Cars — Aggressum PVP Edition


Dodge! Push! Shoot and survive! Make your way to the tunnel's end without getting ran over or killed! First to reach the end of the tunnel with each hero wins the game! The winner gets to release Widowmaker's hot passion on the rest of the players! If the game is completed with 31 heroes, all participants will be rewarded with Widowmaker posing for them in the ending ;-) Created, balanced and modified by Aggressum#2230. VERSION 2.7 — CODE: 3F22V

A very advanced version of dodging the cars mode.
Every hero plays differently and might have new abilities.
The game has linear scaling of difficulty with a competitive vibe to it.
Finish all 31 heroes and unlock an epic ending to your journey!

Try it out! It's super popular right now and is being worked on daily!

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