Rollin Around!


Lets Get ready to Rumball! Face off against up to 8 players in this kart racing adventure!

Don't be square! Roll pass the checkpoints to complete laps and win the race!

Joined the match mid race? No problem! up to 5 races can be held in a single game! with each race having up to 5 laps!

Collect unique powerups to Bulldoze the competition.

Speedboost - gain a short burst of speed

Ice bomb - plant a bomb that slows enemies down

Energy ball - fire a purple ball that can stun enemies if it hits

Star Power - gain invincibility and increased speed for a short time.


Customise the lobby to your needs. Increase the laps per race! Make Items more Powerfull! You will be having a ball.

So, What are you waiting for? Play Now!

Categories | Free for all
Tags | racing hammond
Heroes | Wrecking Ball
Maps | Lijiang Tower
Created At |
Updated At |
Version | 1.0.1
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