Rollin Around!



Lets Get ready to Rumball! Face off against up to 8 players in this kart racing adventure!

Don't be square! Roll pass the checkpoints to complete laps and win the race!

Joined the match mid race? No problem! up to 5 races can be held in a single game! with each race having up to 5 laps!

Collect unique powerups to Bulldoze the competition.

Speedboost - gain a short burst of speed

Ice bomb - plant a bomb that slows enemies down

Energy ball - fire a purple ball that can stun enemies if it hits

Star Power - gain invincibility and increased speed for a short time.


Customise the lobby to your needs. Increase the laps per race! Make Items more Powerfull! You will be having a ball.

So, What are you waiting for? Play Now!

Categories | Free for all
Tags | racing hammond
Heroes | Wrecking Ball
Maps | Lijiang Tower
Created at |
Last updated |
Current version | 1.0.1


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Update Log (2)

1.0.1 Update

cc - Now you can set how fast balls go by default.

Added clarity for checkpoints. light Shaft now appears for the next checkpoint along with the icon.

Bug fixes

fixed an issue with the ice bomb debuff not removing when debuff is not active

fixed an issue with star duration showing all the duration text for players when star ability is activated

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