Gravity Brawl by FloofyHusky#1924

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Grav Brawl

Gravity Brawl

Gravity Brawl is a game mode intended for FFA, where a sphere pulls in each player, with a force that gradually increases throughout the match.

How It Works

  • On each available map, a sphere is set, where it will pull in players until the match is over.
  • The strength of the pull increases throughout the match, which starts at 0.100 and increases by 0.100 every 14 seconds.
  • When a player gets sucked into the sphere, they die and a point is given to the closest player.

The Game

  • The default mode is Deathmatch, however other modes might not be supported (specifically KOTH maps).
  • If a player is airbone for too long, they will start to take damage over time.
  • You can Crouch midair to pull yourself downwards.
  • Pressing Interact will boost the player in the direction they're facing.
  • If Wrecking Ball holds onto his grapple for too long, he gets hacked for half a second.
  • The current strength of the pull is displayed on top of the screen: Pull Strength


Some heroes have traits that differ from their vanilla versions:


Bastion can Boost while in Sentry form to aid his vulnerability.


Sombra's Hack and EMP can not only disable abilities, but also prevent players from using their Boost ability.


Symmetra can teleport and Boost at the same time to attack or escape from players using multiple angles.


Mercy's playstyle has been adjusted by giving her the Boost with the shortest cooldown in the game, use it to stay midair.


Orisa's Fortify grants a speed and weight increase to aid her survivability.


Zarya's Particle Barrier grants a speed and weight increase to give her a more solo playstyle.

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