To celebrate reaching 10 game modes made, I've made my biggest game yet for everyone!

Overcharged Ultimates!
When your ultimate is fully charged, it starts to "Overcharge", once it's fully "Overcharged" it'll have a wacky and often OP buff that's unique to that hero!

Overcharged ultimate information below:

TANKS's Overcharged Self Destruct: Decemation Bomb explosion range is doubled, making its range 40m!

Doomfist's Overcharged Meteor Strike: Explosive Impact
Meteor strike does double damage, and will launch enemies away from the impact zone!

Junker Queen's Overcharged Rampage: Molten Trail
Junker Queen leaves behind a trail of molten magnetic scrap that'll explode after some time!

Mauga's Overcharged Cage Fight: Critical Pulse
Mauga's gets increased Health and nearby enemies get damaged every time Mauga's hearts beat! (10dmg)

Orisa's Overcharged Terrasurge: Enhanced Spin Speed
Orisa will slowly move in the direction she's looking! (Hold jump to fly upward)

Ramattra's Overcharged Anhilatation: Zeyatta's Influence
Rammatra will heal himself and allies in range the damage his Ultimate deals!

Reinhardt's Overcharged Earth Shatter: HAMMER STRIKE
Reinhardt summons falling firestrikes around him for 8s after using his ult!. Anyone hit by the hammer directly... gets DELETED, no questions asked.

Roadhog's Overcharged Whole Hog: Scrap Pummel
Ultimate will launch forward giant scrap lumps along with it's usual scrap, letting roadhog absolutely mow down enemies! (Warning limited visibility)

Sigma's Overcharged Gravitic Flux: Gravitic Shift
Players caught in the ultimate will go VERY high up and get squished on impact!

Winston's Overcharged Primal Rage: Adrenaline Rush
Winston gets an EXTREAME amount of health, will swing further, deals double damage, and won't receive any knockback! (He's really angry)

Wrecking Ball's Overcharged Mine Field: Experimental Device
Wrecking Ball drops a large device that will suck players into the mine field! (Can be eaten)

Zarya's Overcharged Gravaton Surge: Damaging Pull
Gravaton Surge will do 50dps instead of 5dps!


Ashe's Overcharged B.O.B: Explosive Ammo
B.O.B gives Ashe 25 bullets of her specialty ammo that makes her bullets explode.

Bastion's Overcharged Artillery: Locked Down
Artillery drops extreamly fast, and bastion takes 75% less damage!

Echo's Overcharged Duplication: Loaded Module
Echo spawns in with an ultimate ready in duplication, cooldowns in duplication are removed!

Genji's Overcharged Dragon Blade: Dragon Launch
Dragon Blade sends forward giant projectiles that damage enemies in an AOE!

Hanzo's Overcharged Dragon Strike: Extra Noodles
Hanzo sends forward THREE consecutive Dragon Strikes!

Junkrat's Overcharged Riptire: ZIP-tire
Riptire moves EXTREAMLY fast, anyone that manages to live will get launched away from the explosion with extreame force!

Cassidy's Overcharged Deadeye: High Level Smolder
Cassidy smolders so hard, that any enemy that looks at him will get stunned! (Stun only happens once)

Mei's Overcharged Blizzard: Aggresive Thaw
Frozen enemies will explode frozen shrapnel when they die or unfreeze!

Pharah's Overcharged Rocket Barrage: Fortified Barrage
Pharah will gain 250 armor, and barrage duration is doubled!

Reaper's Overcharged Death Blossom: Aimed Blossom
Reaper can direct some of Death Blossoms fire, dealing EXTREAME damage to whoever he's looking at, but deals less AOE damage.

Soldier's Overcharged Tactical Visor: Bullet Implant
Enemies hit by Tactical Visor bullets will explode when Soldier reloads! (Each bullet adds 10 dmg)

Sojourn's Overcharged Overclock: Explosive Railgun
Sojourn's Railgun explodes enemies!

Sombra's Overcharged EMP: Resource Theif
Enemies hit by EMP will have to reload their guns, and have 10% of their ultcharge taken by Sombra!

Symmetra's Overcharged Photon Barrier: Reactive Photon Barrier
Symmetra will recieve 100 extra sheilds and will send homing projectiles towards enemies that damager her!

Torbjorn's Overcharged Molten Core: Sticky Lava
Lava is sticky and Torbjorn becomes bigger gains extra health, and wields his mighty hammer!

Tracer's Overcharged Pulse Bomb: Bomb Volly*
Tracer throws forward three Pulse bombs at once!

Widowmaker's Overcharged Infra-Sight: Infra-Cloak
Widowmaker will become invisible when she isnt using her weapon!


Ana's Overcharged Nano Boost: Tacticle Air Strike (Community Idea)
Ana calls down a missile strike, and after 8s the missile strike will land on the nanoed ally! (Cancles if nanoed target dies) (Doesn't trigger if Nanoed target doesnt receive Nano healing)

Baptiste's Overcharged Amplifacation Matrix: Extra Hand
Baptiste's robot on his shoulder will shoot extra projectiles for Baptiste when he shoots!

Brigitte's Overcarged Rally: Team Inspiration
Brigitte will heal herself and her teammates 25hp every time she does damage, is bigger and has extra HP!

Illari's Overcharged Captive Sun: Extreame Heat
Players hit by Captive Sun catch fire to automatically explode after some time!

Kiriko's Overcharged Kitsune Rush: Kitsune Radiation
Kiriko will damage or heal nearby allies/enemies depending on what she's shooting!

Wifestealer's Overcharged Tree of Life: Life's Persistence
Players that get healed by Lifestealer will receive 45hps until they're full hp!

Lucio's Overcharged Sound Barrier: Bass Boosted Drop
All enemies within 30m will get LAUNCHED away! (Yes, Lucio can gomba stomp...)

Mercy's Overcharged Valkyrie: Heroes Prevail
Ressurrect Cooldown is removed, and Mercy will heal herself and nearby allies 100hp for every successfull ressurrect during Valkyrie!

Moira's Overcharged Coalesense: Fade Amplification
Fade cooldown is lowered and Beam does 3x the damage and healing for 1s after Fading! (health is halfed during amplifacation)

Zenyatta's Overcharged Transendence: Ramattra's Influence
All enemies in range get damaged 60dps!

Hope y'all enjoy!!!

Players | 2 - 10
Categories: Miscellaneous
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 33 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.8.13



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