Abilities+ for Overwatch 1

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This is a mod created to give a fresh new feel to all the Overwatch heroes.
This mod adds new abilities and passives to every single hero, including adding a couple new settings and a gamemode.

How to use Deathmatch?

Normal mode, Multi Arena Mode, and Deathmatch Mode need to be enabled.
Works best if used on Control Point maps.

Hero Changes:


Passive (does an assist):
Gives herself and the closest player in a 12m radius to her 25 shields for 10 seconds. Resets sleep dart cooldown as well.

Passive: (holds jump button)
Ana can now double jump, she can do it up to 3 times in a row before needing to recharge her stamina fully. If the player waits 1.5 seconds before the next double jump she will recharge.

If Ana is within 5m of a player she will attach to their back.

Gives the player closest to Ana's reticle their ultimate immediately.


Each headshot will give Ashe 20 shield, up to 100.

Gives the user 3 extra bullets that deal fire damage upon impact.
14 Second Cooldown

Ability 1:
When this ability is used while in cooldown, 7 bullets will be depleted and the ability will be used again. This will disable the gun from reloading for 3 seconds, the duration of the cooldown.


Once the user drops to 1 health, they cannot lose that health for 1.5 seconds. Once that time has passed, that ability cannot happen for another 30 seconds.

Uses the same cooldown slot as his ability 2.
A small ring is tossed, once it hits a target, (cannot hit players) it will freeze at that position and any players inside of it cannot be slept, frozen, or stunned. This ring lasts 5 seconds.
15 Second Cooldown.

Ultimate + Crouch:
Can now activate a secondary ultimate by holding crouch + ultimate.
This ultimate places a large ring that will prevent his team from dying. This lasts 6 seconds.


Primary Fire:
Is now slower, but deals more damage.

Ability 1:
Can now move around and jump as a turret, if the player holds crouch they stop moving. Turret form lasts 6 seconds now. The player will be forced out of it when that time ends.
14 Second Cooldown.

Damage and size is increased.


Any healing dealt will give the player +30% speed.

Ability 1:
If Whip Shot is used while the player is looking straight down, Brig will fly into the air.
This will give the ability an 8 second cooldown.

Upon use, the player gets a size boost, a shield size boost, will take 0 knockback, receive less damage, and gain more health.


Ability 1:
Deals fire damage to any opponents within a 5m radius for 5 seconds.

Interact + Crouch:
Immediately shoots the player out of mech. Will refund 75 ultimate charge to baby form if health is full.

Ultimate 1:
The normal D.va ultimate now has to be activated by:

  1. Holding crouch and pressing ultimate
  2. While they are using ability 1 and pressing ultimate.

Ultimate 2:
The player grows gigantic and will shoot long range laser beams, they will also take %40 less damage.

Baby D.VA:

Ability 1:
While held gives +40% speed. Cannot sprint while shooting.

Ability 2:
Will use all ultimate charge, the user cannot gain any ultimate charge while in this mode.
Gives the user an extra 175 armour, this ability will disable when that armour is depleted fully, it is recoverable if not depleted fully. The user now gains 2x projectile speed and can jump higher.
They now gain an extra ability that is only usable if this ability is active.
If the player wants to disable this form, they can press ultimate and it will be disabled.

Secondary Fire (only usable when ability 2 is active):
Will launch any enemies within a 6m radius upwards.
10 Second Cooldown.


Ability 1:
Now is a blocking move, uppercut is removed.

While active, the user moves slower, takes 90% less damage and takes 60% less knockback.
Any damage taken turns into shield, the more damage the user takes the more bonus shield they will gain, ie:

24 damage taken = 24 shield gained
25 taken = 45 shield
50 taken = 80 shield
100 taken = 150 shield.

If the player takes 80+ damage, they will gain a charged effect. This effect lasts until the user uses rocket punch. A charged punch deals 3x more damage.
Any players within a 15m radius will also gain shield.


Will give the player all shields and armour that an enemy has for 10 seconds, she will become slightly weaker and slower if given too much additional shields and armour.
20 Second Cooldown

Ability 2:
If health is half or under, the player will emit a shock stunning any enemies for 1.1 seconds within a 10m radius. Echo gets a +50% speed boost for 2 seconds. Her ability cooldown is then set to 14 seconds.


Interact + Crouch:
Gains 160 temporary armour for 10 seconds. After the time is up, the player will lose the armour and 160 health. This health will replenish fully after 16 seconds, gaining 10 health back per second.

Deals an extra 45 damage, heals 10 health back


All headshots will knock the enemy down for 2 seconds + while airborne, Hanzo’s arrows have no gravity and are 400% faster.

Secondary Fire:
Increases jump speed by double for either 2 seconds or until you jump once.

Ability 1:
If an enemy is shot with this arrow they will be launched back and stunned for 0.8 seconds.
This will give a 16 second cooldown to this ability.


Will set a second trap that cannot be destroyed on the ground. This trap will deal damage and stun any enemy that walks onto it.
10 Second Cooldown.

Ultimate + Crouch (Rip-Tire):
Riptire will now kill the player using it if riptire is manually blown up, if the timer runs out before the player blows it up, the player will not die.

Ultimate 2 (Dig):
Junkrat will tunnel below the earth looking for a victim to grab.
If Junkrat grabs a player from below he will shoot into the sky holding the victim. He will then plummet to the ground with them causing a large explosion.


Lucio deals an extra +20% damage while wall riding.

Speed Form:
Lucio gains an extra +20% healing while in speed form.

Gives Lucio Extreme Speed for 2 seconds.
12 Second Cooldown

All opponents within a 10m radius are thrown into the air, if Lucio lands on a player's head before hitting the ground they take 500+ damage.


Ability 1:
Deals +40% damage if the player shoots immediately after the roll.

Gains invisibility on bursts of one second intervals until the ultimate is finished.

Mccree now has a shop containing a bunch of items that can be purchased in exchange for coins. Cassidy gains coins by getting eliminations.
To access the shop outside of spawn, hold crouch for 2 seconds.
The shop contains:

Extra Magazine:
Gives +8 Ammo on use.
Healing Potion:
Heals 200 health on use.
Boxing Glove:
Next successful melee Cassidy does will launch the victim backwards and deal a ton of damage.
Next roll will shoot the player much further than usual.

Press Interact to activate any of these items


Passive (Secondary Fire):
3 shots in quick succession will freeze the victim.

Will turn Mei into a giant snowball, crushing any enemies getting in the way. Each enemy hit will heal Mei. This ability uses the Ability 1 slot.
8 Second Cooldown.

Primary Fire:
Mei can glide on her ice while shooting downward, giving her a 40% speed buff.

Ability 1:
Freezes opponents in a 8m radius for 1.1 seconds after leaving the ice block.


+30% damage increase/-15% healing on offensive in an assault or payload gamemode, +30% healing/-15% damage on defense.

-20% damage received when playing a control point gamemode.

When pressed, if the player dies within 5 seconds of using the ability, they will be resurrected.

Secondary Fire w/ Gun:
Will shoot a burstfire of bullets, these bullets have more speed and power.


Ability 1:
Will poison enemies within a 6m radius while using this ability.

Ultimate 1:
Moira and any allies hit with her beam cannot drop below 1 health. This lasts 2 seconds per hit.

Ultimate + Crouch:
Moira’s fade cooldown will now be much shorter, fade now deals more damage and heals all allies around her.

Moira’s melee will deal heavy poison damage and will heal her.

Moira’s Primary or Secondary fire will now boost her forward, dealing damage to any enemies close.

This ultimate lasts 10 seconds.


If Orisa doesn’t use any abilities she will speed up after 3 seconds.

Ability 1:
Gives +70% move speed, sets gravity to +35%, vertical jump speed is set to +120%, all of these last for the duration of the ability.

Throws ALL players in an 8m radius into the air, dealing damage to opponents affected. Also knocks opponents down for 1.6 seconds.


Will fall faster while holding crouch.

Gains less healing, faster projectiles, and faster move speed while airborne.

While on the ground Pharah will slowly heal.

Knocks any hit enemies down for 1.4 seconds.


Reaper will summon a dark ring around him, if there are any enemies within that ring Reaper will gain much more healing. This ring lasts 3 seconds.
12 Second Cooldown.

Ability 1:
Wraith form deals around 45-50 damage upon exiting it.

Resurrects if killed while using his ultimate.


Rein will gain shields depending on how much health he has left, he will not be able to use his shield for 15 seconds.

Ability 1:
Gives the player -20% damage received and a +20% speed boost when used.

Ability 2:
Will set the victim on fire for 4 seconds.

Upon use, doubles damage, gains +90% damage resistance, stuns any enemies within an 8m radius for 3 seconds, displays a message on the screen to all players saying “SHATTER”, and will instantly kill Mei if hit on the head with his hammer, including when she is in her ice block form, Rein will also clear any stuns that occur within that time frame.


Roadhog will become stronger the longer he takes damage.

Will temporarily lock the target's movement in place.

Sends out a slow moving cannonball that deals damage and launches the victim towards him.
8 Second Cooldown.

Ability 1:
Deals +30% more damage immediately after his hook ends.

Every shot from his gun will set enemies on fire. This effect stacks with each bullet.

Can now cancel ultimate by holding the ultimate + reload button.

He can now shoot downwards to boost himself up into the air.


If the player has 300 shield or above they will cancel all stuns and knock down effects, they also take -90% knockback.

Secondary Fire:
Shield has lower cooldown.

Soldier 76:

Passive (dealt final blow):
Resets secondary fire cooldown. + Gives 5 ammo every headshot.

When the player's team's score is lower than the enemy team's score, soldier gets +30% damage boost and +30% healing boost.

Ability 1:
Receives -20% damage while running.

Fire rate is now very slow, every shot does +550% the normal amount of damage.


Ability 2:
Deals healing for 4 seconds in a 12m radius. Can be activated every 2 seconds.

Resets all cooldowns of all players within 15m radius of her. Gives all players within 15m radius 150 shields as well.


Interact + Crouch:
This will place a teleporter on an ally that is next to her. She can then teleport to it by pressing interact. Ability 2 cannot be used while this is active.

Ability 2:
Gains 100 armour when turret is about to be placed or is currently placed. Will passively heal closest player to Symmetra.


Torb now has an upgrade system, he can upgrade every 3 final blows he does.
Upgrades include: Adding fire damage to shotgun while overclocked, more health, more armour, more speed, deadly hammer.


Passive (dealt final blow):
Gives +30 ammo (max 60).

The nearest enemy’s health and location will be saved, when Tracer presses interact again it will recall the enemy to that saved location with the health they had at the time.
14 Second Cooldown.

Stuns any player within an 8m radius for 1 second.


Ability 1:
Widowmaker will have extra grapple ammo, this replenishes with every kill she gets.

Ability 2 + Interact:
Sets the nearest enemy within a 8m radius’s ammo to 0, also hacks them for 5 seconds. The ability's cooldown is then set to 16 seconds.

Sets all enemies ammo to 0, gives 3 grapple ammo.


Will become stronger the lower health he has.

Secondary Fire:
Charges a laser beam that will deal more damage the longer it is charged.

Ability 2:
Now has 2 charges.

Can press ability 2 button to activate an uppercut move that deals damage to any opponents in a 5m radius. Launch the player and the victim upwards.
6 Second Cooldown.

Wrecking Ball:

Much more resistant to stuns

Ball Form + Interact:
Holding the interact button in ball form will set his gravity to -40%.


Ultimate + Interact:
Will place an unbreakable shield on herself and any allies within an 8m radius. The shields last 3 seconds.


Makes the player take no damage for 1.2 seconds and slightly lifts the enemy into the air.
Deals a bit of healing back to the player.

Primary Fire:
Deals extra damage if an enemy is right in front of the player.

Ability 1 + 2:
Both orbs are now boosted by stored power. Stored power is gained by dealing damage.

Both abilities have a slight cooldown now.

Forces all opponents to run backwards in a 10m radius.

Players | 1 - 10
Heroes: D.va, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 29 more...
Maps: Dorado, Havana, Junkertown, Rialto, Route 66, and 11 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0



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