Yet Another Sym Rework

Symmetra Support Rework


Symmetra was a weird designed character for some time, it always felt that her kit was lacking something on both versions of Symmetra, the first version made Symmetra an extremely passive hero that would deploy shields and then sit back annoying the enemy team, the second turned her into a type of tank-support that could spam movable shields withouth any purpose since she could not place the shield down, poorly designed abilities made that Symmetra was very unpopular amongst players but really well received by those who played her because of her gameplay that appealed some. Unfortunately Symmetra was gutted when she become a damage hero, loosing all of her identity of a utility type of support. That happened because of instead tweaking some number on support Symmetra, the better idea was to rework her completely into a new type of damage. This rework comes with the idea to bring back an utillity type of support with small healing numbers to fit more into the support category and provide little sustain out of shields to her allies, with utility being the proeminent aspect of her gameplay.

Photon Projector
  • Laser Beam damage decreased from 60/120/180 per second to 33/66/99 per second

  • Orb damage decreased from 100 to 55.

  • Orb speed decreased from 50m/s to 20m/s.

Sentry Turret
  • Damage decreased from 25 per second to 13.75 per second.

  • Deploy speed increased from 20m/s to 35m/s.

  • Teleporter is now Photon Creator.

  • Upon pressing Ability 2 choose between primary(Photon Teleporter) or secondary(Photon Shield).

  • Teleporter cooldown decreased from 12 to 10.

  • NEW: Photon Shield

  • Protects an ally up to 20 meters with Photon Shield, granting them 50 Shields.

  • When a shielded ally health drops to critical level(25%), grants them a immediate 50% speed buff that lingers for 1 second until decaying and an adittional 25% max health healing.

  • Shielded allies that pick up health packs also receive the 50% speed buff and an adittional 25% max health healing.

Players | 1 - 12
Heroes: All
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