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its an inaccurate airplane sim

homing missiles
flares hotter than the sun apparently
garbage spawns
hot plane action (the shape and the vehicle)
temp hud text
idiot bots that fly in circles and occasionally levitate at y = 1000
server closed due to unexpected error

garbage can mode do not import

-forward (usually w)/backwards (usually s) to throttle up and down
-ability 1 (usually shift)/crouch to pitch up/down
-left (usually a)/right (usually d) to roll left/right
-primary fire (usually left mouse button) to fire missiles
-secondary fire (usually right mouse button) to look backwards
-ability 2 (usually e) to fire flares

  • interact to kill all the bots -melee to fall out of the sky (toggles flaps or something i forgot lol)

ps. if you aren't lifting up properly, throttle up to propellor speed 1 (on left side debug hud texts lmao) and press melee a bunch to see if your uh brakes or something are on idk (also check if your plane isnt upside down)

pps. if you use a controller idk you're prob screwed lol

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Heroes: Orisa
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