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Reinhardt's fire strike becomes replaced with a knockback ability. The upward motion of the firestrike animation will launch enemies back a considerable distance. The intent of this ability is to create distance from the likes of dive heroes. While this can be used offensively, such as to knock an enemy Reinhardt out of a choke (yes it does pierce shields), it's more geared to get enemies off and away from your team

Fire Sweep

  • 40 Damage
  • 15 meter knockback
  • .4 second stun
  • 7 second cooldown
  • Lights enemies on fire for a second (cosmetic)

Possible future changes:

  • Disable all other abilities for about .5 seconds to prevent shattering immediately after knocking away an enemy and to prevent pinning enemies while they're still stunned
  • Possibly add burn damage

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