In-Combat Heal Rate Scaling by ELIMINATED#1572

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Adds combat healing scaling, a la TF2 Medic.
That is, taking damage temporarily decreasing how much healing you receive (except from health packs).

So for example, you could make it so that Mercy heals only 30 hps on patients who have recently taken 100+ damage, but then that scales up over 8 seconds of not taking damage to a max of 80. What this means is that 1 healer comps become viable, as a single healer can be strong enough to keep an entire team topped off as they retreat for healing, while at the same time not being able to tank a ton of damage mid-combat.

The following values can be fine-tuned in the init global rule:

  • COMBATDMGCAP - Maximum stored combat damage. Taking more than this won't add to the healrate penalty
  • COMBATDMGDECAY_RATE - How fast stored combat damage goes away, restoring a player's healing received over time
  • COMBATDMGDECAY_DELAY - How long it takes after being damaged for the stored combat damage to start decreasing
  • COMBATHEALPCTMIN - The lowest healing received %, i.e. how much healing received at max damage taken

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Players | 1 - 12
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