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To summarise the Gamemode, it's a Classical Deathmatch in which you can get Bonus Points for Tea-Bagging an enemy who is asleep or on the ground. Some heroes get more points for Tea-bagging depending on their difficulty. The first to reach 35 points wins.

NB : You can't Tea-Bag an enemy if he or she is dead.



The deflect of Genji is his only mean to get somebody on the ground by deflecting a sleep dart from Ana. To that extend, he gets the highest rate of bonus points which is 0.5 point / Tea-Bag. Genji is fast, can obviously climb walls and double jump, and is not an easy target. Plus he has his ultimate which allows him to secure kills and gives him more mobility. His counter is McCree, and also good Ana players and Sigma.


The sleep dart is the most powerful tool in this game. Also, Ana has a bonus-point rate of 0.33 point / Tea-Bag, which means she gets an additional point every 3 Tea-Bags. Ana has her grenade to be used defensively and offensively. Finally, if she is in danger, Ana can use the Nanoboost to save herself. It's a hero that requires skill to be efficient, but can carry you to the win. Her counters are Genji and Sigma, but she is pretty good against tank since she can land sleep dart easily on them.


McCree's flash bang will make the enemy fall to the ground, and let him the possibility to Tea-Bag people very easily. Also, he is quite deadly especially against big targets like Rein and Roadhog, and he has no real counter except when being outplayed by a Hog's hook, a nice Ana's sleep or a Sigma's SHIFT. Also, his Dead Eye is quite deadly because there is no shield. To counter that advantage, McCree is slower than everyone, and his bonus-point rate is up to 0.2 point / Tea-Bag, which signifies that he needs 5 Tea-Bags to get an additional point.


Reinhardt's gameplay has been totally reworked. His primary fire is basicly his Firestrike — whose speed was increased — dealing 100 HP per shot. His life has been reduced to 300 HP, he is weaker against McCree or even Ana. His charge will heal him and make him pretty fast, which allows him to get some kills. When charging, Reinhardt is obviously an easy target for Sleep Darts, Flash Bangs and Hooks. However, he has a very strong asset to put people on the ground : the Shatter. Using it, he can secure 2 kills and Tea-Bag the last enemy, for example. Plus he has a bonus-point rate up to 0.5 point / Tea-Bag because he has to get his ultimate, which makes him able to eventually catch up to the first place.


Roadhog's kit has received some modifications. First, he can put people on the ground by using his Hook. He only has 300 HP, and is a very easy target for Sleep Darts, or for McCree's shots. However, his Self Healing gives him some SpeedBoost and Invisibility for 1 second, and some healing for sure. His bonus-point rate is up to 0.25 point / Tea-Bag. Also, his ultimate can secure kills or prevent enemies to do their Tea-Bag on other enemies on the ground.


Sigma has 300 HP. He has the possibility to sleep an enemy using his Rock — whose speed was increased. However he can sleep himself if he damages himself with it! Then, he can eat Sleep Darts and Flash Bangs using his SHIFT, which is quite powerful. His bonus-point rate is up to 0.33 point / Tea-Bag, and he makes bearly no sound when moving. Also, he can use his ultimate ability to escape from difficult situations. He is countered by Roadhog, but is one of the only hero who can pretty easily counter McCree.


  • This mode will receive updates in the future, new heroes, some balancing and some new stuff!


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