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Bossfight PVP

This mode was made and directed by Battletag#14505922 with the assistance of UnfairDev#1105 (me.)

5 player hunt down powerful and strong bosses and wreak havoc through various maps. Will they sucessfully defeat the bosses or will they fall like the rest?

Note: There can only be one boss

Custom Abilities

Gladiator (Boss)

Uppercut (Ability 2)

Same as overwatch 1 uppercut.
Lauches you and enemies within 5 meters into the air. Deals 125 damage to enemies hit.


Leap (Secondary)

Lauches you the direction you are facing.


Health Repair Pack (Ability 2)

Throw a healing pack at your teammate for 100HP. Teammates at full health gain 50 health up to 100 maximum. Teammates will lose this health buff on death.


Ghost (Ability 1)

Makes Vampire fly and phases out Vampire


  • Medic does not have angelic decent

Shield (Ability 1)

Gives you and any teammates in the shield 50% damage resistance and immunity to knockback. Also pushes away enemies inside of the shield.

Uber Charge (Ultimate)

Credit to Team Fortress 2™ made by Valve Corporation for the idea of the Uber Charge ability for Medic (Mercy)

When Medic uses this ultimate, she will become invulnable and be immune to all debuffs (including knockback) for 8 seconds. She can heal only one teammate to make them invulnable and immune to all debuffs. Once the ultimate ends, the invulnability and debuff immunity for Medic and the teammate is removed.


Invisibility and Translocator

Both abilities can only be used for a limited amount of time.
Invisibility lasts 4 seconds and the translocator lasts for 15 seconds.


Harvest (Ability 2)

Traps any enemies who steps into it. This trap deals 50 damage to enemies and gives you 200 Transfer Health.

Other abilities are the same as vanilla

Players | 2 - 10
Categories: Boss Mode
Heroes: Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, Reinhardt, and 14 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.4.1 beta

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