Weeping Angels by Hogrid#2125

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This game have an elimination game mode as basic. Score 3 to win.

1 player in team 1 (mei)
Max 6 players in team 2 (mercys)

Team 1 (mei) wins round when time will run out (it is said that it is draw, but it isn't).
Time for mei is 100s (1 min 40s).
Team 2 (mercys) wins round when will kill mei.

Mei's sight freezes mercys, but only when she (mercy) is in 70 degree cone of Mei's sight.
However, every 3s freezing is disabled for 0,3s (imitating blinking)
Blink status is shown for mei in left corner.
When 20s will be left, players will be revealed.

Mei can use abilities, but not primary, secondary fire, malee and blizzard, she has 80% cooldown of ice wall and has 85% movement speed.
Mercys can use guardian angel, but has it as 500% cooldown (8s). She can't use ultimate and her objective is to kill mei with malee.

Freezing works that game checks whether each mercy is in line of player in slot 0 of team 1 and in his 70 degree cone sight and if conditon is true, it freezes event player (mercy) every 0,25s in a loop, and when the condition is false, loop ends and mercy is unfrozen.

If you want to change amount of mei, you should duplicate freezing condition, and change checking player in slot 0 to player in slot 1, but in my opinion, it is balanced, but requires smart mei.

Video is from previous version. In version 2.0 changed:
-list of maps
-blink counting on survivor's HUD
-ice wall cooldown reduced.
-survivor wins is angels are dead (e.g. from falling off the cliff)


  • Mei's death cam freezes mercys too, so in skirmish they will stay frozen for a short time after her death
  • When mei leaves match between rounds, angels will automatically win, so some angel should be changed to the other team manually

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