StarWatch by Akuma#22488

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StarWatch is a 6v6 Team Deathmatch mode where you fly through the air as small Spaceships. You can choose between 3 Ships: The bulky Predator (D.va), the selfhealing Drone Spitfire (Bastion) and the high damaging but fragile Enforcer (Zarya). At the start of the game a random Player on each team will be selected to be the Command Ship in form of a Wrecking Ball. Your goal is it to destroy the enemies Command Ship to win a round. Hunt down enemy ships that try to destroy your Command Ship and Hunt the enemies Command Ship. The flight control is very easy, you will fly in the direction you are looking and you can double your speed using the interact key. Be careful though not to fly into the red spheres as the will kill you very quickly. If you see a counter appearing on your screen that means you have gone past the map boundaries and will be killed when the time is up. Turn around and fly back to stop the timer and avoid death.

A Quick Introduction to all the Space ships:

Metal Star aka. Command Unit (Wrecking Ball)
The main Focus of the Gamemode, eliminate him to win the game. He is very durable though with his 3000 Hp and his Forcefield which gets more powerful the more ships enemy ships are near him. His guns do every good damage but duo to the amounts of Armor he posses he has no torpedos.

Predator (D.va)
The bully under the Spaceships. Doesnt pack a big punch as her laserguns range are very limited in range and her missiles do rather minor damage, but sure is bulkier than others and possesses the ability to block any kind of projectile comming in. Use that ability to guide your teammates though a lot of enemy fire.

Spitfire (Bastion)
Has a bit of everything, a midrange laserminigun, high damage torpedos and can repair itself. Very good to pressure the enemy with. Keep that guy off your command unit.

Enforcer (Zarya)
The enforcer is a bit special. Her torpedos unlike others have no range limit and still to decent damage. Instead of a lasergun she has a very high damaging laserdrill, not alot of range but you dont really want her close to you. In addition she can fire a gravity torpedo that keeps the enemy which has been hit stuck in place for a few seconds unable to escape. Perfect time to colapse on the target and show how scary your laserdrill actually is. But be careful, she is very fragile as she is only in a spacesuit.

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Players | 1 - 12
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