💫 Echo Ring Parkour - Numbani


Difficulty: Very Hard

Make your way across the map from checkpoint to checkpoint using a variety of different abilities.

  • Flight - Launches you forward in 2 consecutive boost.
  • Sticky bomb - Places jump pads on the location of each sticky bomb.
  • Focusing beam - Attaches a grappling hook to a surface (20 meters range).

Each checkpoint has it's own combination of abilities that are available to use.

Some checkpoints may have one or more yellow rings on it's path. These rings give you another charge of Flight, allowing you to use it again.

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Categories | Parkour
Heroes | Echo
Maps | Numbani
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Checkpoint 9....gave me too much trouble.

Update Log (9)

This isn't actually an update, I'm just making sure the new Discord Webhook works. So if you're reading this on Discord, hi!

  • Added more changes to prevent getting stuck in respawn loop
  • Added a small wait when respawning
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