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Read whole thing to know everything.
Boss Team :

She boops people farther and Bob stays until he dies
She does damage over time for knockback
He gets more ult charge, does more knockback, His ult teleports everyone to him and sleep them for 2s
Her primary now is her secondary, when she ults she kill the person CLOSEST to her reticle
Does bleed damage with dash, due to Boss Team Passive he also heals while using deflect, for the first second of his ult everyone is rooted
Has A LOT more projectile speed ( almost one shots), if his trap HITS the ground he dies and respawns
. His dash heals more, New Ability with his grab, He now damages everybody for a few seconds, Petal is the same, Infinite ammo
She now kills with her cryo freeze and heals more. She heals her other boss by reloading.
Her GA has a 1s cooldown, still has Res, her ult knocks everybody down for 2.5s, moves faster
Has a longer ult
Teleports everyone on the enemy team to her ultimate
Takes 50 dmg every 2 sec in air or when shes jumping, has no knockback on her gun, Her concussive blast now sleeps people and does more knockback
His cooldown of his other form has been increased, has more projectile speed
His Firestrike is kinda broken but Ima leave it in ( It only damages the first person hit with it however it sometimes burns people it doesn't hit}, has more knockback with charge
His primary is now his helix rockets and they do more damage, During his ult he can shoot if you hold the primary button down
Her Hack killes anbody that is hacked, Her Stealth has been removed for her new ability that insta hacks the closet enemy to her reticle.
No new abilities
Has no weapon but his Turret now has 900 health, his overload has been replaced with 100 sheild he can give himself( if you change off of Torb it does give you the sheild heatlh}
Her punch now one shots and if she gets a kill she heals 25 health back , pulse bomb one shots on stick as well
stuck in ball form, if you jump you go high enough to use piledriver which is on a 2s cooldown
Gives shield health to whoever she puts her sheild on and her charge rate is higher

Not Boss Team (idk what to name them yet):
Does not have nade anymore except now its a damage boost
He can heal the bosses by 200 health using his burst heal, if you use his immortality feild he dies
Is a Tank now and dmg has been reduced
Has a lower cooldown cool down on her repair pack, has bigger shield, has more health
does less damage, more projectile speed and a lowe cd on grenade
If using block and one of the bosses does ANY type of damage to you, you stun them for 2s
His storm arrow has been removed to make eveyone on his team unkillable for 5 seconds, His sonic arrow was removed to make everyone on his team insta healed, has no projectile speed but does 3x damage, he can res himself using Interact ( only when he's dead and has no cd)
Has 150 health, commanding shout cooldown has been reduced, projectile speed has been increased, does less healing
sleeps herself using teleport
does 5x damage but when he does damage he dies
Mercy does damage when she heals which gives her more ult, Her ult damages the bosses for 15s
Can only heal (has 2x healing
All damage she does she heals her team for 2 hp
All damage he does heal all allies for 1hp
Whenever he deals damage he gets stunned for 2s and does 2x damage
Has 1100 health
does more damage, chargers her gun fully after one shot, has 20 hp
Can res with his heal
does more damage
Bigger sheild
more healing

Good characters:
Boss Team: Genji, Lifeweaver, Wrecking ball and Zarya
Non Boss: Hanzo, Ana, Soj, Sig, and lucio
Boss Team passive: Boss
heal for 1hp when they do damage


Players | 1 - 1
Categories: Team Deathmatch
Heroes:, Doomfist, Junker Queen, Orisa, Ramattra, and 32 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.2 (Boss update)

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