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What Is it?

One bot Hammond spawns in ball mode. There's a large red sphere that follows the Hammond. Players spawn in as Lucio inside the red sphere. If they leave the sphere they die. Lucios must boop eachother and the Hammond to try to knock eachother out of the sphere. Last living Lucio wins.

While this is going on myster boxes spawn, if the hammond is knocked into a myster box a random event will occur.

Why is it Unfinished?

I had lots of trouble with the game when people left and joined mid game, it would cause everyone to die and a new round to begin. I tried to fix it but couldnt quite figure out what was causing it and it felt like the more I try to fix it the more I broke the game. I also had issues with the mystery box mechanic being triggered before the game started.

Players | 1 - 11
Categories: Elimination
Heroes: Lúcio
Created at:
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