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An Overwatch spin on a Mario Kart Battle Mode!

In Nova's Shine Thief, it's a 5-minute free-for-all between 8 speedy Lúcios to snatch the Shine, hold it for longer than your opponents, and knock it out of them using your now-stun-inducing Soundwave ability! This gamemode features a fully custom UI including an ability cooldown counter and a dynamic leaderboard, fancy visual FX for the Shine and the player holding it, and Workshop Settings for you to change the gamemode to your liking.

hey! novasoup here! this is probably the gamemode that i've put the most thought into so far, and i really hope you appreciate the polish and fancy logo and promo graphics i made for it :3
i'd love it if you would go out of your way to comment and give me feedback or bug reports- it helps me a lot! thank you for playing my gamemodes!

Players | 2 - 8
Categories: Free for all, Minigames
Heroes: Lúcio
Maps: Ilios, Nepal, Castillo, Ecopoint: Antarctica, Kanezaka, and 1 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1.0



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