Havana Escape! || A "Choose how You Play" PvE || [Last Updated 3/27/21]

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What is Havana Escape?

WARNING: Workshop will lag for a bit when opened. You have been warned!
SETUP: Any bots on team 2 in any order :)

The goal is simple, keep the player with the red bolt alive and get 200 kills, stay in a circle for 10 seconds and you're free to go. Simple, right? .... BUT the enemies grow stronger the closer you get to your goal.... Below is a rundown of interesting things that makes this game different than the other PvEs

Leveling System
Every player starts at level 1. Getting a kill increases your XP by 1-2 and at a level up you gain small stat increases along with Pure Souls. You will no longer gain increased stats after reaching level 15.

I heard you like pain.... Like... A lot of pain. Here comes Insane Mode! Insane Mode is a pretty small difficulty modifier in the lobby area that can be turned on that ups the difficulty of the game. I felt like the game was easy but I liked the way it played so I added Challenge Mode as an extra side difficulty instead of adding it to the base game. Check below at the patch notes for more details!

Workshop Settings NEW!
Configure and add challenges to the game, the Workshop Settings is a powerful tool that really puts an emphasis on "Choose how You Play"

Soul Skills
Soul Skills are powers earned by leveling up. At levels 5, 8, and 12 you earn a Soul Skill and you get 4 choices so that you can experiment with certain combinations and find fun ways to cover your heroes' weakness. Look further down at the patch notes to see every Soul Skill in it's awesome glory.

Pure Souls + Shrine of Decay
Pure Souls play an important role in the game as they're used to revive your teammates to keep on going. "Shrines of Decay" are scattered around the map and are used to revive your entire team. Revive your team by holding crouch in a Shrine of Decay for 1 second with <= 5 Pure Souls.

Soul Container
The Soul Container is held by the player in the first slot of the team. This player has a red lightning bolt icon around their head as well as a small yellow circle. As long as this player is alive any kills your team gets adds up to the "Souls Contained" bar. But if they're dead, releasing souls from enemies won't be contained.

Difficulty Scaling
The later into the game one by one the enemies will start to get red clouds around them. This signifies the enemies have permanently gotten stronger. If an enemy gets surrounded by a cutey patootey sparkle around them their stats have gone up a pretty unholy amount.

Thanks for reading! I know this was a lot of info.


Hyperventilation Giving helpful suggestions and helped me clear up some thingamajigs
TaxCollector + Rustle + BadPlayer0 for playtesting and suffering with me (again)
CrimsonRend I just want to be with the cool people for once :((((

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