Havana Escape! || Chaotic PvE || [Update incoming]


What is Havana Escape?

!SETUP! Any bots in any order on team 2 EXCEPT Soldier:76 and Sombra.
Now with a legit name :D

The goal is simple, keep the player with the red bolt alive and get 100 kills, stay in a circle for 5 seconds and you're free to go. Simple, right? .... BUT the enemies grow stronger the closer you get to your goal.... Here's some core components you can take note of (I'm not going to say you have to or you should, I'm not your parents)

Leveling System
Every player starts at level 1. Getting a kill increases your XP by 1 and at a level up you gain small stat increases along with Pure Souls. You will no longer gain increased stats after reaching level 10 but in return, you'll earn more Pure Souls per level gained.

Pure Souls + Shrine of Decay
Pure Souls play an important role in the game as they're used to revive your teammates to keep on going. "Shrines of Decay" are scattered around the map and are used to revive your entire team. 1 Shrine of Decay costs 5 souls so don't abuse it.

Soul Container
The Soul Container is held by the player in the first slot of the team. This player has a red lightning bolt icon around their head as well as a small yellow circle. As long as this player is alive any kills your team gets adds up to the "Souls Contained" bar. But if they're dead, releasing souls from enemies won't be contained.

Map Scaling + Enemies
Map Scaling is my fancy way of saying the farther away from spawn you go the tougher the enemies you'll find. Doesn't mean staying in spawn is a guaranteed win though. All enemies have their special names and niches that'll make them either funny encounters and(/or if you're lucky) absolute nightmares. Have fun exploring and defining each one!


Hyperventilation Giving helpful suggestions and helped me clear up some thingamajigs
TaxCollector + Rustle + BadPlayer0 for playtesting and suffering with me (again)
CrimsonRend I just want to be with the cool people for once :((((

Here are some ratings from beta testers


??/10 "W H A T."

??/10 "Jesus-"
-Legit Garbage

??/10 "This is fun"

??/10 "I'd rather burn my ankles-"
-Tester requested to stay anonymous

∞/10 "I don't know what I was on when I made this but I'm glad I did I guess"

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