Sage Mercy's Deathmatch Modification! by VGsage94#1745

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Welcome to my very 1st Gamemode, "Sage Mercy's Deathmatch Modification!"

This is a small project I'm working on. This project attempts to make Deathmatch more fun, by adding small changes.


  • Jump Pads
  • Messages when a Player is on fire/using their Ultimates
  • You get fully healed if you get a final blow on a target.
  • Spheres that limit parts of the Map, so it's more closed in, for more intense matches.
  • Disabled Turrets (No worries, I gave small buffs to Sym and Torb)
  • Made Match Time 1 hour.
  • Added a "Fall Function"! Hold Crouch while in the air to fall slightly faster.


Normal: Your average Deathmatch Map. Nothing special, other than Jump Pads, and any other small features.

Dome: A Deathmatch Map, with a dome around a part of the Map. If you go out of it, you get teleported back inside of it (usually on the Jump Pad). These Maps are made for more close, intense matches.


  • Increased Roadhog's "Take a Breather" cooldown by 50%.
  • Removed Baptiste's "Immortality Field".
  • Lowered Moira's "Healing Dealt" by 20%.
  • Lowered Bastion's "Healing Dealt" by 50%.

  • Doubled the maximum time of Bastion's "Self Repair".

  • Lowered the cooldown of Baptiste's "Regenerative Burst" by 20%.

  • Increased Baptiste's Max Health to 250.

  • Increased the duration of Baptiste's "Amplication Matrix" by 50%.

  • Lowered the cooldown of Moira's "Biotic Orb" by 20%.

  • Lowered Symmetra's "Teleporter" cooldown by 50%.

  • Increased Symmetrs's passive Ultimate charge by 10%.

  • Increased Torbjorn's "Overload" duration by 50%.

  • Increased Torbjorn's passive Ultimate charge by 10%.

Feedback would be appreciated, such as new Maps, new Ultimate messages, Hero Nerfs/Buffs, etc.
Hope you enjoy my 1st project! ^-^

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