Get your freeze on in Total Mei-hem, a chaotic deathmatch featuring everyone's most hated hero, Mei! Play around with a new but familiar kit and become the best!

The New Kit


Primary damage increased to 105/sec, and no longer slows enemies.

The Icicles now work like Snowball Deathmatch! One shot kills but limited supply.
Obtain Icicles by freezing enemies. Max 3. Icicles move at roughly half speed.

Cryo-Freeze is now Cryo-Slide, which lets you zip around with ease!
Cryo-Slide also lets you freeze enemies near you while active.

New Melee: Icicle Catch!
Meleeing an Icicle adds it to your reserve and doesn't kill you!

New Ultimate: Fatal Flurry!
Icicle reserve is now infinite for a brief period!
Obtained every 5 kills and can stack. Primary is disabled during.

Frozen Feats!

Frozen Feats are earned for killing enemies in specific ways!

List of Frozen Feats

Frozen Feat Requirement
Slippery Slicer! Freeze an enemy while using Cryo-Slide.
Flurried Falterer! Freeze an enemy that's using their Fatal Flurry.
You're On Ice! Freeze 4 enemies without missing a single shot (catches included).
Frozen Finisher! Freeze a frozen enemy.

Players | 2 - 8
Categories: Hero Adjustments
Heroes: Mei
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.0.1


Frozen Feats UI
Frozen Feats UI
Frozen Feats UI
Frozen Feats UI
Frozen Feats UI

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