Prop Hunt Beta by Comphus#1949

This code is over 6 months old. The code may have expired and might no longer function.

prop hunt for overwatch. currently works on 10 different maps. The props are the randomly generated spheres on the map since there is no way to import custom models.
there are very little bugs with the actual code, HOWEVER this game mode doesnt seem to be great for the current version of workshop.
due to the nature of effects in the workshop, games will crash constantly when there are too many effects and too many players

If your camera bugs and is in the middle of nowhere, hold crouch + ability 2 (ctrl+e by default) to fix it
as a pharah prop, do not stack on top of another sphere as spheres do not overlap when they are generated

Mccree is the hunter. shoot the sphere that you think is a pharah hiding as a prop to try to reveal them
if it isnt a pharah, you take damage, if it is, you heal and reveal the pharah
if Mccree locates a prop pharah, the prop is revealed for 4 seconds.
Mcree can also press Q to use a special ability. It is a trail of light that slowly moves forward then explodes a certain color
if it explodes red, that mean there was no hiding pharah found. if it explodes green, that means that there is a pharah within a 7 meter radius of where it exploded. A pharah will also play a voice line when this happens.
as Mcree, press E(ability 2) to perform a super jump. this is so you can kill the pharahs hiding on top of high ground that you normally cant reach. 5 second cd.

Pharah is the prop. press f(interact key) near a prop(sometimes you may have to jump) to become that selected prop.
press Q and E to decrease and increase your prop height respectively.

pharah deals 15 melee damage

Mcree wins they get all collectively get 10 kills
pharah wins when they collectively get 4 kills OR the timer runs out

may update later to be an elimination like game mode since disable built in game mode respawning works now.

credit to Corrade for making the hit detection code to detect hits on effects relative to crosshair.

if you use this code and the game crashes, you will need to change the amount of spheres that get generated on the field.
to do this, go to the rule that is the name of whatever map it crashed on and change the 0th index of global variable L to a lower number
0th index = number of props
1st index = propagation range from center
2nd index = minimum radius of spheres
3rd index = maximum radius of spheres

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