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The Nightgaunt must prevent the Hunters from winning by killing them. Hunter deaths are permanent while Nightgaunt deaths have 30s respawn times. The Hunters win when they capture all points or successfully push the cart to the end. In Survival Mode (Upcoming gamemode), the Hunters must survive for up to 4 minutes.

  • HUNTERS / LANTERNS: Each Hunter is equipped with their own lantern with a certain radius. Tank heroes, Damage heroes and Support heroes have small/medium/large lantern sizes respectively. If a Nightgaunt is within the radius of a lantern, they are burned, ultimately leaving them visible for an extended period of time.
  • (Brigitte is unique in that, after 2 minutes of the game beginning, she can increase her own lantern size over the course of 10 seconds, ultimately increasing it up to 14 meters in radius, the highest in the game.)
  • HUNTERS / ENHANCED CC: Hunters have an array of tactics that can control the Nightgaunt, whether or not its a root, stun, or slow. All of these are enchanced to help fight against the Nightgaunt.

  • NIGHTGAUNT / VISION: Nightgaunts are armed with permanent wallhack, though cannot determine who is who.
  • NIGHTGAUNT / STEALTH: The Nightgaunt is gifted with passive invisibility. They lose this bonus when they're using their primary/secondary attacks or when inside a Hunters lantern and regain invisibility after 6 seconds. (9.5 seconds if they leave a Hunters' lantern.)
  • (Reaper is unique in that he can return to stealth on command by using his Wraith Form.)
  • SOMBRA / HACKING: Sombras' hack duration has an extended duration.
Categories: Boss Mode
Heroes: Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, Zarya, Ashe, and 14 more...
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Current version: 1.0.13

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