2v2 Arenas

Update 1

Augments are now player specific! Every player will now get their own choices to pick from instead of everyone choosing from the same 3.

Added a bunch of new augments. (Everything below Implosion on the augment list.)

Nowhere To Hide (wallhacks) has been removed.

Support Passive removed, but in return they get the health bonuses

Hero Rebalancing

Augment Nerfs and Buffs


Grab a few friends and fight eachother in an elimination style gamemode where you get to select augments between rounds. Its first to 5 round wins.

You can increase how many players there are per team, but the stability of the server might be affected.

There are also interact augments. They can be used once per round and stack on top of eachother.

(Augments can appear multiple times in a game, but getting a duplicate will not give double effects. Do not pickup duplicates.)

Special Settings

(For most heroes:)
150% Health
75% Damage Dealt
25% Healing Dealt
150% Ultimate Generation

Support Passive Removed (You might hear your support hero being hurt every 1.45s. Sorry i don't know how else to do it)

Every hero heals for a small max health percentage every second.

D.va is disabled due to being a buggy mess that never works how i want her to.

Augment List

Name Effect
Ultimate Resolve Heal for a % of your max health the first time you fall below 50% health.
Last Resort Upon death, explode dealing 1/5 of your max health to close enemies.
Ice Dancer Dealing damage grants you a stacking speed boost, but disables your jump button.
Overcharge Your ultimate takes 50% less to charge.
Untouchable Gain 2s of invincibility upon using your ultimate.
Vampire Headshots have 50% lifesteal.
Parry Using interact makes you stunned for 1s and invincible for 1.5s.
Phase Shift Pressing interact teleports you to your ally.
Frog Hop Gain 50% increased jump height and 25% reduced gravity.
First to the Crown You get 50% increased damage and speed for the first 10s.
Deep Wounds Damaging an enemy has a 20% of applying anti-heal (8s CD)
Infiltration Damaging an enemy has a 20% of hacking them (5s CD)
Glass Cannon You deal 33% more damage, but also take 33% more.
Big Fist Your melee damage is 3x stronger. (3s CD)
Implosion Pressing interact makes you explode in an area dealing damage to EVERYONE over time.)
Full Haste Your ability 1 has a 50% reduced cooldown.
More Haste Your ability 2 has a 50% reduced cooldown.
Infernal Burn Dealing damage with ability 1 or 2 applies a stacking burn.
Quest: Beefcake After taking 2500 damage (throughout the whole match) gain 200 max health.
Epic Relax Emoting stuns you for 5s and heavily heals you.
Quick Draw Dealing damage to an enemy above 70% health does double damage. (4s CD)
Charged Footwork Moving around builds your charge. When you damage an enemy at full charge it heals you for a portion dealt.
Slow Cooker Enemies nearby you take damage over time. Everytime this damages an enemy it PERMANENTLY increases how much damage it deals next time.
Soul Siphon Enemies nearby you take damage over time. Everytime this damages an enemy it increases your max health PERMANENTLY.
Crowd Control Meleeing an enemy roots them for 1.25s.
Deadly Lazer Looking at enemies damages them over time. Disables primary fire.
Burning Mags Reloading is instant.
Silver Bullets Damaging an enemy grants you a stack. Upon gaining 5 stacks, deal % current health damage to the enemy hit.
Reflector Armor Taking damage store a percentage of it. Upon pressing Interact gain that stored damage as temporary health.
Players | 1 - 12
Heroes: Doomfist, Junker Queen, Mauga, Orisa, Ramattra, and 33 more...
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 1.1


Ability 1
Select Augment 1 (Top)
Ability 2
Select Augment 2 (Middle)
Select Augment 3 (Bottom)
Select Augment 1 (Top)
Select Augment 2 (Middle)
Select Augment 3 (Bottom)
Select Augment 1 (Top)
Select Augment 2 (Middle)
Select Augment 3 (Bottom)
Select Augment 1 (Top)
Select Augment 2 (Middle)
Select Augment 3 (Bottom)
Select Augment 1 (Top)
Select Augment 2 (Middle)
Select Augment 3 (Bottom)



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