Please read the description of SUPERHOT 2.0 to understand how this version varies from the original SUPERHOT idea. This is a beta of sorts for my new version of SUPERHOT. Still working on it. Currently, it includes some new heroes for both teams, including Ashe for the Player and Pharah for the red, and some nerfs. Be warned this version has disabled airtime due to balancing issues - though this can be changed by deleting 'is the flag carried' condition in all the airtime code. FEEL WELCOME TO LEAVE SUGGESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS.

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Update Log (3)

Added Hanzo and, due to his arrows being projectile based rather than hit scan like most othees heroes in the red's hero pool, his arrows increase in speed during slowmo - making him a character with cons and pros.

Added Junkrat to the red's pool of heroes to spice up character selection and add some variety.

Added Pharah to the red's hero pool to try to combat the lack of range fighters who can deal with the player's Mccree and Ashe.

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