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One Punch Man allows everyone to be Saitama. The title says it all: One Punch is all you need to kill.

Saitama is based on Doomfist, but with heavily altered and expanded abilities.

A list of abilities:

  • Punch: Doomfist secondary fire but in every direction and kills on damaging. Cooldown resets on kill.
  • Freezing Fist Flurry: Deals no damage but freezes on touch. Knocks back enemy and moves Saitama forward.
  • Grab: Grabs an opponent and throws him.
  • Leap: Jump really high.
  • Heavy: Increase gravity for more air control.
  • Shield: Uppercut knocksdown opponents and blocks punches.
  • Flight: Saitama flies and slams down to earth.
  • Meteor: Saitama punches a meteor.
  • Fade: Saitama moves so fast you can't see him for a second.

Made by vdKlutsch and Sattsack. Still under development, some polish is needed on the code.

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Heroes: Doomfist
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