Chase the Hill by BestLizard#1847

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Chase the Hill!

Follow the hill as it takes weird turns and paths through different maps (currently three)! You can not move close to victory unless you are in the objective. Just standing on the hill is enough to accumulate points, but your score will climb faster if you make eliminations while standing in the point - and only if you're on the point. This mode is a chaotic sight to see as heroes upon heroes dog-pile into tight spaces!

Be Healed for Surviving

Deaths are rapid in this game mode. To help alleviate that, standing on the point will passively restore a small amount of health per turn. If you eliminate while standing in the point, you will be healed based on how many players are currently active - up to 200hp if there's 8 or more players. Skilled gunslingers will be able to take best advantage of this - after all, its quite the reward to taking on 8 people rushing to you at once!

Self-healing is weaker as a small compromise.

The Hill is Smart

The hill will recognize if you're trying to cheese by using Reaper's Wraith Form or Mei's Cryofreeze (among other abilities), and won't count you as "on it" when you're using such abilities. The colour will even change to reflect this! You gotta be vulnerable in order to get something out of the point.

Patch Notes


  • Initial release
  • Eichenwalde, Dorado, and Blizzard World implemented

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Players | 1 - 12
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Current version: 1.0.0

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