Nightwatch by Rosen#11232

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As Survivors The goal is to collect five orbs that spawn across the map, then capture the point spawning at 2:30. When you collect an orb, you get healed and gain a survivor point that is used to knock the killer down for 2.5s when they are in your radius.
You can sprint by holding Interact button. You have 5 sprint bars that are slowly depleted during sprinting. To recuperate, crouch and stay still. You can also self heal while crouching and staying still.
If your health reaches 1, you get downed. Other survivors can revive you by crouching in your radius for 3s. If 45s pass and you don’t get revived, you will die. You can only get revived once per round.
If you are the last survivor alive and there is one or more orbs left, a blue orb will spawn in the killer’s spawn. If it’s collected, after surviving for 5 seconds, you will win the round. The orb will self destruct if all orbs are collected or there are more than 1 alive player.
If you contest the point without finding all the orbs, you will get killed. This will stop until the last orb is collected.
As Killer Your goal is to kill every survivors before they could escape.
When you eliminated a survivor, you earn a killer point that can make yourself invisible, go through survivors and avoid any CC for 3s.
When an orb is captured, your speed will be increased for 3s. When all orbs are captured, you will gain speed and the power to insta-down survivors that last 10s.
Killer cannot contest the point regardless of how many objectives are left. If they do, they will get killed.
Others The game is Elimination 5v1 with 2-hero limit and lockout rules. The first team who has a score of 5 wins the game. If a round lasts more than 5:00, all survivors will get killed.
When each round starts, all players go into Initial Phase for 15s. During this phase, killer will respawn and be unable to move. If a player dies in this period, they will be respawned back into spawn.

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Players | 1 - 12
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Heroes: D.va, Junker Queen, Orisa, Reinhardt, Roadhog, and 29 more...
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Current version: 2.1.1

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