Reach a Killstreak

The game mode

  • Reach a killstreak to win
  • FFA
  • One point for every kill but if you die you lose all your points
  • No health packs, but you get 50% healing for every kill
  • The killstreak and the healing are both customizable. (Default 5 and 50%)
  • random heroes version: https://workshop.codes/killstreak
  • Recommended map: Castillo

How to customize

How to customize the Killstreak that is needed to Win

  1. Change the score to win in Deathmatch game mode setting
  2. Go to the Workshop editor
  3. Go to the 1st Rule “Config”
  4. Edit the 1st action “Global.scoreGoal = 5”
  5. Change the value to the number (Killstreak to win) you want
  6. Restart the custom game

How to customize the amount healing for each Kill

  1. Go to the Workshop editor
  2. Go to the 1st Rule “Config”
  3. Edit the 1st action “Global.killHealing = 50”
  4. Change the value to the parentage of Healing you want
  5. Restart the custom game
Categories: Free for all
Tags: ffa killstreak
Heroes: All
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Updated At:
Version: 1.0.0



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