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Hello there ! I share with you the code I wrote to reproduce the passive of Zarya.
I recreated the Passive and Barrier ability of the russian tank hero.
You can change the variable and try to do you own things with her.
The bubbles are clunky and cheap.

How it works ?

The damage hit point
When they are activated it adds a temporary health bar to the target. The damage absorption reacts like Zarya’s bubbles.


The barriers hitboxes aren’t like the hitboxes of Zarya’s bubbles. They are the hitboxes of the protected hero because I didn’t find an other to recreate it.

The Crow Control Effect

A target under the effect of the bubble isn’t immune to the status effect but when Burn, Stun, Asleep, Freeze or Knockdown it cleanses it instantly.

*Issue : * It cleanses the sleep and the knockdown already affecting the target. Not like the real barrier.

Categories: Tools
Heroes: Zarya
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Current version: 1.0.0



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