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a new RPG game. take down enemies and level up. unlock new abilities, items and heroes.

movemonet- press primary fire button to move
attacks -
select an enemy by clicking him, your hero will walk to him and use melee attacks. pressing primary fire again to cancel.
click an enemy with secondary fire button to use ranged attack on him. ranged attack requires a ranged hero and ammo.

you can start a boss fight at point A. bosses are harder to defeat and will give bigger reward.

in spawn you can upgrade your stats using money, and change your abilities.

starting from level 5, killing an enemy might trigger an ambush - more enemies will keep spawning around you until you defeat 15 of them.

abilities -
unlocked at level 2 -
healing brust - heals you for a short time
sprint - holding crouch will make you faster

level 6 -
fire- damages all enemies around you

level 8 -
souls - eliminating an enemy will restore your health.

level 9 -
fire arrows - your next 6 ranged attacks will set enemies on fire, dealing extra damage

level 11 -
ressurect - ressurect yourself after death

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