OHOK [One Hit One Kill] FFA Deathmatch -- BETA

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One Hit One Kill (OHOK)


OHOK is a ffa deathmatch type of game, you spawn as a hero with one bullet. Each bullet is an instant kill. If you miss, you have to wait until you reload it or secure the kill in a diffrent way! This mode is perfectly if you wait in longer queues and has many MAPSPECIFIC events planned in the future!

OHOK is currently in a BETA state but the core is complete!


Each character plays a little diffrently.

Can scope and her shotgun can lift her to higher usually unreachable places

Is a classic hero with good midrange accuracy, he shoots faster & has a roll to doge bullets or repostion himself.

Is silent, uses his discord orb and can therefore scout. He is the only hero who can not reset his bullets.

Game Mechanics

Killing Sprees

While on Killing Spree, you burn for a short duration, are visible through walls for every opponent but also cant loose bullets. Killing enemies while on Killing Spree, will expand the duration.

Bullet Rules

Miss a bullet sets a cooldown until you get it back. You can alternatively kill enemys with 2 melee hits.
Headshots (critical hits) grant you a bonus bullet which you can use.


Ashe & Cassidy will Reload instantly when using their active ability.


Right now I work on more customisation, but we got Killstreak durations, cooldowns and reloading time done so far!

What's next?

much more is planned, I will implement mapspecific events and more heroes whith unique playstyles. Go test it out! Also, I usually do public playtests for upcoming features on European servers. If the lobby is hostes by me (Instabuy) and the name of the lobby includes some sort of "test" I usually need testers ^^

Players | 2 - 12
Categories: Free for all
Heroes: Ashe, Cassidy, Zenyatta
Created at:
Last updated:
Current version: 0.5.1

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