This is a recreation of the Steam game "Mindnight" by No Moon which is also based on the board game "The Resistance". 5 to 10 players are supported.


2 hackers (3 if 7+ players and 4 if 10 players) are hiding in your group. These players know who their teammates are. The rest of the group are agents and have no information about the others. Hackers will try to gain the group's trust.

5 objectives are in the game. For each objective, a player must propose a team of players that are going to tamper with the objective. They can pick themself in the team. Once they have confirmed their choice, all players must vote if they want to allow the chosen team to tamper with the objective. If the team is refused or the player decides to skip their turn, the next player counter-clockwise will get to pick a team. If 5 teams are rejected in a row, hackers automatically win. So, make sure the last person to pick a team is trustworthy.

On the other hand, if a majority of players accept the team, the selected team will secretly tamper with the objective. Each member has 15 seconds to either secure or hack the objective. Agents may only secure. Hackers can either secure or hack. If they hack the objective, hackers get a point. If all players secure it, agents get a point. The objective result and the team members are saved in the objective history. After some talking time, the next player can propose a team.

Agents need to guess who are the hackers in the group by using the objective history, the vote history and their deduction skills. Hackers need to fool the agents by acting like a member of their team to be accepted in an objective.

Either team can win if they get 3 points.


To activate Mainframe, turn on the mainframe toggle in the workshop settings.

Mainframe adds 3 new roles:

  • ADMIN : The admin is an agent who knows the members of the hacker team. Their role is to help the other agents find the hackers without reveiling their own identity to the hackers.
  • NUKER : The nuker is a hacker looking for the admin. When 3 objectives are secured, which would usually result in a win for agents, the nuker has a chance to guess who the admin is in the agent team. If they guess right, the hackers will take the win instead of the agents. Otherwise, agents win.
  • SCRIPTY : The scripty is a lone hacker that is unknown to the other hackers. The scripty also doesn't know who their teammates are. The admin still sees them as a hacker.

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Update Log (9)

This update adds the proposition phase features of the 2.9 version of Mindnight

  • If the time runs out and the proposer has the required number of participants selected, the team is automatically confirmed.
  • If the time runs out and the proposer doesn't have the required number of participands selected, the proposition is automatically skipped to the next proposer.
This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.
  • Players can now change their vote during the voting phase as long as at least one player hasn't voted yet.
  • The talking phase now has a longer duration and follows the original game, which means the talking phase can also be skipped if everybody votes for it.
  • When the proposer fails to form a team before the time runs out, a random team gets proposed instead of skipping to the next proposer.
This code is over 6 months old. This might mean the code has expired and will no longer function.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from unselecting participants during the proposition phase.
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