Hero Concept: Lancer by Ilkade#21337

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Hero Concept: Lancer

(Disclaimer: I am unaffiliated with the original creator of the concept art, I am only responsible for the workshop implementation. Original art and concept below by Noah / Lumilines )

This is a quick prototype mainly thrown together from an already existing hero prototype I made.

Credit to Darwin for the code for the slide

EARLY BUILD: Little of the code has seen testing, expect bugs.

Art by Noah / Lumilines

Concept by Noah / Lumilines

How to use:

Change to new character by selecting Brigitte, then holding interact for 1 second. Must be in spawn.

If teammate already on Brigitte or Lancer, press interact for 1 second as different character to become Brigitte or Lancer, depending on which is available.

Upon selecting the new hero, all of Brigitte's activated abilities will be disabled, except the shield. New UI elements appear that instead track ability cooldowns and ultimate.

Sadly, due to current limitations in the workshop it is necessary to disable Brigitte's shield bash externally, meaning that Brigitte and the Lancer prototype cannot really be played in the same game. Although it is much less of an issue, the same goes for quick melee. It must be disabled to prevent use of Brigitte's flail while playing as Lancer.

As a temporary workaround, you can hold the ultimate button for a second in spawn to lock in as Brigitte and regain her shield bash. However, since it's impossible to disable just the shield bash and not the shield when the game is in progress, this means you will be locked out from using Lancer for the rest of the match.

Ability Overview

Upon selecting Lancer max health is boosted to 400.

Primary fire: Thrust lance forwards, deals 50 damage in front of character. Penetrates barriers. Can be used while holding shield.

Secondary fire: Normal Brigitte shield

Ability 1: Slide forwards at speed. Anyone hit by primary fire while sliding will be knocked down for .75s. Cooldown 8 s

Ability 2: Pole Vault into the air. Cooldown 8s.

Ultimate: Charge forwards, knocking back all enemies and dealing 50 damage each time they are hit.

Known issues:

Visual representation of lance jitters when moving with player

Occasionally player will quickly rotate toward a heading corresponding to world 0 when using ultimate

Effect when selecting Lancer in spawn plays twice

Hero switches between Lancer and Brigitte can occur at random times during match

Ult hit detection can bug out when 3+ players caught

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